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Night Owl Society is the story of a group of high school kids who band together to go up against the mafia. Yep, you read that right. A group of kids, each unique in their abilities decide that the mob in town deserves to pay for their crimes. Mainly the one about Father Shawn. Now they do not go into great detail about what happened to Father Shawn, but I assume he was murdered, as they really hold a grudge against this mob.

Writer James Venhaus and illustrator Pius Bak come together to bring us the action packer thrill ride that showcases the cliche high school kids (Jock, Nerd, Geek, and bad ass) coming together to fight a much bigger evil than high school.


The team consists of David (The geek who came up with the whole plan), A.J. (The massively powerful jock who is given the sidekick status), Laura (Bad ass chick who wants to kick ass and take no names), the resident nerd (Whose name is not revealed yet, or I missed it when I read through three times), and A.J. decides to bring his girlfriend along. Freaking high school kids…

That being said, I don’t remember too many kids with brass balls from my high school. I mean taking on the mob because of some sort of misunderstanding with what I assume to be a pastor of theirs? It is not something you decide to do on a whim, especially with the fact of imminent death hanging over your head. I may not remember school that well, but I don’t think I ever faced off with a mob boss.

Now this story is a bit of an original take on an already done one. While there has been plenty of people facing the mob/mafia, many teams of individuals coming together to battle oppression and fight for justice, other than Kick-Ass, I haven’t seen many non super powered teenagers fighting for the right thing. I really enjoy the fact that they take adolescents and throw them into the same situations some of our favorite heroes deal with.


I’m also a major fan of twists in a comic, keeping me guessing all throughout, and this one tosses out a freaking doozy, setting up the rest of the run. I expect it to be exciting, fun, and honestly a completely well done story to follow. I’m hoping they can keep the same momentum going that they’ve managed in issue one. I expect pretty good things from this one, so I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see how this one is going to play out. I am hoping they take the risky route, and we see some real life blood and gore.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, mystery, or people who just enjoy a well laid out story showing the dark side of an everyday city.

Tell the boys if you need a copy reserved for your file. Also make sure if you haven’t set up a file yet, to choose your first comic subscription to be put in, so they can get you all set up!

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