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Well, this one was some sort of mental psyche ride through hell, so strap in while we give you the quick overview of one of Image Comics newest titles, Regression. Written by Cullen Bunn and wonderfully illustrated by the talented Danny Luckert, I was actually fairly captivated right from the cover. It showcased to me that this comic was going to be something of a nightmare for at least one of the characters contained in the pages, and damned if it wasn’t a fairly accurate assessment.

We follow our lead character Adrian, who seems to be your typical frat boy college student, only he suffers pretty drastically from nightmarish hallucinations, driving him slightly bonkers. His best friend Molly is one of the only ones who seems to understand what he is going through, but she’s also been around since they were kids. Now Adrian isn’t just hallucinating something sinister, he’s breaking the barrier between twisted and psychotic. Maggots pouring into people’s mouths, bugs and flies escaping through any orifice they can, and happening all around him. It is slowly driving him mad, without the ability to fix it. Most people just dismiss him as a junkie, but it goes so much deeper.


So Molly convinces Adrian to try something other than modern medicine, hypnotherapy. Sid Ferrel, a local comedian and hypnotist agrees to try and see what they can dig up by using regressive therapy, going into Adrian’s subconscious and seeing what lies beneath the hallucinations. Maybe another life, another personality, or some other underlying issue, but Adrian is adamant that he doesn’t believe in any of it. He would rather just continue going on in life pretending that there is nothing wrong, even though he is losing his grip on reality.

He never expected what a little peek into the past would loose on the world.

The writing in this story is absolutely awesome. Extremely creative, while not having to go overboard for no reason. The shock factor still manages to entertain without leaving us so disgusted that we can’t continue. Add that with the really dirty visuals and you get a perfect match made for this style of story. I was honestly happy to see a refreshing take (albeit dark) on a rare mental disorder as well. It showcases the ability of hypnotherapy, and even manages to touch on how people around those with disorders tend to react. It’s good to see someone approaching a touchy subject, and just hitting it out of the park.


RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who enjoys a bit of dark toned psychological comics, with a hint of mystery and drama. This one will make you think about your own life a lot, all while keeping you entwined in the story.

Make sure to let the boys know to add this to your file. At this time I want to make sure this one continues on, so please give it a shot. It will not disappoint you, and will keep you wondering what’s coming next.

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