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The comic medium has always, and should always remain, a way yo touch on subjects that people are too nervous to talk about. Things like suicide, abortion, mental illness, and many other facets of life that most people are just not comfortable confronting. One thing they’ve always tried to do as well is warn us about the current state of the world. Calexit does an amazing job showcasing one way the world may go if we don’t make some drastic changes.

Black Mask is one of those companies that seems to produce really emotional works, with a twist of modern day social status tied into the underlying plot. Written by Matteo Pizzolo and beautifully illustrated by the talented Amancay Nahuelpan, we get the literal social commentary comic Calexit.


Calexit is the broken story that hits damn close to home with the election of a fascist president into the United States of America. Even the image in the start of the comic looks identical to Trump, so I did let out a chuckle that it was hitting the nail on the head. I didn’t spend too much time after that laughing, as the reality of this situation hit a lot harder. Our story is about California, one of the world’s largest economies, and their decision not to be ruled by the man they know will destroy the country.

The day after his election, the riots and protests started. Shutting down two of the countries largest airports, starting the succession from the United States. We start this comic two years after the re-election of the fascist president, in which a Calfornia majority voted against him, but of course lost. Taking offence to this, the President took extreme steps in trying to squash any resistance that was mounting, bringing in the national guard, and other “associates” to take on anyone who stood in their way.

We almost immediately meet two people who I believe to be our main characters. Zora Donato (McNulty) who is a young girl adopted into a family, but since California succeeded they no longer recognize her adoption, turning her into an illegal immigrant. A man (unnamed so far) shows up at her parents house demanding information, with a psychotic efficiency, and a brutal mentality. She will definitely have a reason to fight. Next is a smuggler by the name of Jamil and his AI headpiece Livermore. Smart mouthed, intelligent, and toeing the line between the two to make the most money possible, he reminded me a lot of a young Han Solo.


I don’t want to give much away on this one, as the writing and artwork are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The fact that this team is constantly touching on things most would stray from, is absolutely astounding, and I can not wait to get to read more. This will be a legendary piece.

RECOMMENDATION – Any action fans, resistance style teams, and brutal violence fans would love this piece.

Tell the boys to order you a copy if for no other reason than to show that the world will never stand by and watch a fascist run our free lives! No seriously though, let ’em know, it is well worth the read.

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