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Briggs Land : Lone Wolves is the story of Briggs Land, USA. A hundred square miles of wilderness run by one family, and they happen to be extremist anti government “terrorists” who have made a life fighting the powers that be. Well most of them anyways. The writing in this one is done by the talented Brian Wood, with the graceful illustrations of Mack Chater adding the much needed visuals to this one. While the story is definitely a brutal look on our modern day society, it showcases a use of morality and breaking down the walls of simply doing what you’ve been told.

Working with the Lawyer Sam Sinclair, the family is trying to maintain its sovereignty, not allowing any sort of government interference on their land, and making sure that they are using the constitution to the best of its limits. My only question is how you can succeed from the United States, but still use their constitution as your grounds for being able to succeed. It did throw me off a bit, but who am I to judge the fundamentals.

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Our story, while revolving around the Briggs family community as a whole, really focuses on Isaac (a newly returned war veteran) and his nephew James (A boy who seems all too committed to the cause he believes his family is fighting for. Her will DEFINITELY be one of the worst radicals) and their decision on what to do with a couple of lost hikers. A young couple (Cecilia and an unnamed man) from Toronto were hiking the woods, and just happened to get lost. Falling into the lands of the Briggs family, Isaac takes them hostage to try and decide what needs to be done. Letting them leave, after seeing what they’ve been privy to could shut down the entire Briggs Family, but killing them as James wants to, is something Isaac is not even interested in considering.

There is a lot to take in in this comic, but it is laid out in a way that it is not that confusing to follow. I will admit I hadn’t even thought of wondering what life would be like for those who consider themselves to be true Americans, even when the country sees them as nothing but traitors to the flag. It was a touching story of real thought in how to be good people, but be truly free people.

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The writing was on point, never felt like it dragged on, and never had me wondering what was going on. I appreciated the little nuances used by Wood in describing the actual fear in these people. The art style led to the questionable finish, knowing that something big is on the way.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, adventure fans, drama, with a hint of emotion to it as well. That being said, I know there will be more emotion as the story goes on.

Let the boys at the shop know if you want to get this one added to your file. It is a bit of a modern day comic, so it’s good to try and follow it if you can!

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