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Alright ladies and gents, let’s take you back to a time in which comics were meant to be fun, filled with fantasy, and superhero talking dogs. Underdog is an American staple in comics, starting out as a character for General Mills, he had a television show that ran for a total of 124 episodes, showcasing his unusual ability to stop the villains that came up against him. Always coming out the winner, but destroying so many things in the process, he was meant to be a hero that people could laugh at, with, and about.

Writers Batton Lash and James Kuhoric, have come together with illustrators Bill Galvin and Adrian Ropp, to bring us three short stories about Underdog and his pals, bringing us back that much needed shot of nostalgia. Especially after the movie they made, which for the sake of staying as neutral as possible, we will pretend doesn’t exist.

UD 2

What makes Underdog one of the best isn’t his speed, flight, strength, or even the fact he is a dog, it is that he is a hero that the entire family can enjoy reading without fear of the modern arcs of needless blood and gore. While he does fight crime, he does so in silly ways that make kids especially grateful to read his stories.

Our story starts off with Shoeshine Boy (Underdog’s secret identity) witnessing a crime! Egads, those men are robbing a bank, it’s already time for UNDERDOG! “As luck would have it, there ‘s a nearby phone booth left over from the 1960’s…” is our introduction to his Superman like changing room, and does add a chuckle to those who maybe wondered how he would do it nowadays. Quickly disposing of Riff Raff and his cohorts, his rhyming style graciously gains the love of the city as usual. That’s another part of his personality that I love, and am glad they’ve never decided to change it.

UD 3

Oh no kids, the Weird Warlock is brewing up some trouble though, is Underdog in trouble? This entire comic is just chock full of all the old cliches in writing and comics, but it’s meant to be. This is how they want it to play out, and honestly it is refreshing to get a laugh out of an old hero making a comeback.

There is danger, mild violence, humor, but above everything else, they all managed to TRULY capture the spirit of Underdog. I know that anyone familiar with his previous shows, comics, or even that dreaded movie, will be able to enjoy reading his newest adventures.

RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who loves the oldies, and enjoys a good throwback title that is doing exactly what it should be. Bringing back those good memories of old, and showing us that even though the character is old fashioned, he can still be enjoyed in modern art.

Let the guys know to order this one, as I am not sure how many copies will be printed. It is a couple months back, so I am sorry it took me so long to get this one done. I just didn’t know what to say to do this one justice!

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