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This is the first title I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading from Markosia, a British Comic book publisher, and I am glad I took the chance. To be fair, the cover had me hooked, the name was a bit intriguing, and the fact that it is a short run of only 5 issues was a catch too. I appreciate miniseries a lot, as there are so many maxiseries out there right now.

Plague is written by the amazing tag team of Dennis MaGee Fallon, and Jason Palmatier, with all of the internal art being done by the multi talented Zach Brunner. Anytime one artist can manage the lettering, colors, pencils, etc, they deserve a tonne of credit. This project wouldn’t exist without the team behind it, and I am damn glad it does.


Back in the fourteenth century the Plague (The Black Death) wiped out between 75 and 200 million people, dropping the world’s population by almost 20%, but cutting Europe’s population almost in half. So it comes to no surprise that our comic has a tone of darkness and depression, taking place in the midst of the plague, but taking a different route from the usual historical doctrine.

Twylyth Tegg, our main character, is a member of the Fey court. The Prince to be exact, and heir to lead the kingdoms in the upcoming wars. His father, dying of the plague himself, tries to stay his hand asking him to try a more peaceful resolution, but he is not able to speak the words before he succumbs to his disease. A disease that Humanity gave to his kind, of course giving him the reason to come back at them in force instead of trying to be like his father.

He quickly dismisses the crown though, wanting instead to take the fates into his own hands. I assume by this point he is going to start a one man war. Well, it may have been at that point, but the story shows us so many sides to this war, that we almost don’t know who we are rooting for. We meet a member of the Knight’s Templar whose family was completely murdered by what I believe was a Giant Troll, a fairy who witnesses her entire village decimated by that same knight templar, and more fey creatures than had been believed to exist.


They do throw a lot of information at you in one issue, but it does show us that this story will be a large and multifaceted one. Layers upon layers of emotions to follow, trying to decide who is actually fighting for justice, and who is fighting for themselves. It isn’t the easiest decision for sure.

RECOMMENDATION – Action, Fantasy, and Adventure fans. Anyone who enjoys a good story with a deeper piece missing for now. I am excited to see how the entire run plays out.

Let the boys at the shop know if you want this one added to your file. Remember to tell them Fat Adam sent you over so we know which stories I should continue to give previews of!

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