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Harry Dresden, Wizard for hire is a man constantly plagued by the absolute worst end of every stick. Fighting Faerie Queens, Vampire Lords, Demons, Devils, The Undead, and so many other creatures that make any other supernatural style book seem like child’s play, is not just his job, it seems to be his life. The book series has been amazingly captivating, and one of my new favorite series to read, but I was completely unaware that Dynamite had a comic series that followed further adventures of the same ole Harry Dresden.

Dog Men is the newest title in the Dresden lore, leading Chicago’s wizard for hire into a battle with evil forces. Written by the talented Mark Powers with the pen of Diego Galindo blessing the pages of this one, we get exactly what we should with this series. A mysterious detective story with brutally powerful magic, tossing in a hint of romance when there is time. Trust me, in this first issue, there wasn’t much time to play around with.


Our story starts off with Harry laying on his ass, but not because he was feeling lazy today. He had been smacked by Puck (Yeah, that Puck) and was just starting to regain his head as Marcone (Gentleman Johnny Marcone is the Al Capone of Chicago in Harry’s life) and Murphy (Harry’s major love interest, and Chicago’s head of SI or Special Investigations) are battling a slew of gargoyle looking demons. They are not fairing off well so far, with a lot of innocent police getting caught in the crossfire.

After a small scuffle of power, Harry is proven to be clearly outmatched, outgunned, and outsmarted, watching as those closest to him are taken out one at a time. Watching those he has come to love, rely on, and cherish, be stripped from his life by the monster that has more power in his thumb than Harry seems to possess. Now, usually I am not a fan of starting a story with a dream sequence, but in the Dresden stories, usually a lot of information (or pain) tends to happen because of dreams. It really fits the way I know Dresden for him to basically have magical nightmares.


So once he realizes that something big is happening, he doesn’t even get the chance to wake up properly before Listens-To-Wind (A somewhat friend, but a member of the White Council) comes to request aid from Harry. You know things must be bad when someone with at least twice your power, and triple your years, relies on you to support him in thwarting some sort of evil.

This story is EXACTLY what I want from a Dresden story, adding mystery, magic, and a constant run of bad luck for the man that the world comes to rely on. The writing was spot on, and honestly made me feel like I managed to get an entire piece of a Dresden book in this sitting.

You need to tell the boys to add this one to the ole file, and ask if you can order any of the back issues of old story arcs too. This is more than worth it for any fan of Dresden!

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