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Welcome to another comic book preview done by your resident Fat Guru, Adam. For those of you familiar with Hell Boy, you should really enjoy this one as it brings together some more of the Hell Boy extended lore, showing us a new and exciting group of “heroes”. Following the scattered members of the B.R.P.D. as they complete separate missions around the globe, we meet a lot of members in a relatively short time frame, but it lays the groundwork for the team itself.

Dark Horse, known for its unique take on the supernatural, manages to hit another ball to the fences. Pitting writers Mike Mignola and Scott Allie with the amazingly dirty styling of illustrator Laurence Campbell, we are given an intro into what the world is becoming through the broken pacts of hell. Multiple Demons are struggling to try and break onto our plane, while the B.P.R.D. tries to prevent the world from falling into a world of darkness.

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Humanity is on the brink of falling apart, being attacked from all ends as this story starts. We follow a couple of different situations, all boiling up to a huge point, but also teaching us about the current state of their world. One group is hunting for some sort of missing vehicle (a van we find out eventually), but along the way runs into some trouble with something they refer to as Crickets. They look like a hybrid of Aliens from the Alien franchise, and the Zerg from Starcraft, but they seem to be only mildly deadly. Well, at least to those trained to fight them. So this is where we get the action inside this story.

The drama, and other side of the story, comes from Ashley Strode, as she performs an exorcism to expel a demon from an average mortal man. The Demon speaks of how there is a war among their kind happening, to try and crown a new leader. It warns that the end of their wait is coming, and they are preparing to come back in full swing.

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The writing by Mignola and  Allie is perfect for this style of comic, and continuing the lore of the Hell Boy universe. It fits damn near perfectly, but is mildly confusing as it jumps back and forth between stories. I know as an origin story it has a lot of holes to try and fill in, but I just found it a bit too jumpy for my tastes. Still well worth the read, if you can follow the story, but just be prepared you may need to read it a second time.

RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who is a fan of the Hell Boy lore, action comics, or the supernatural will find this comic enjoyable. It is very well done, and you will appreciate the value of a dirty art style.

Let the boys know if you want to add this one to your file. It will be one that will most likely have a full run of enjoyable content.

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