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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to dive into an 80 kids wet dream. Fans of Atari, or just everyday videogame enthusiasts will probably have heard the name Swordquest, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the comic they’ve created some 30 years later! Dynamite has brought together writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, with illustrator Ghostwriter X to bring this ancient game back to our hearts, and our eyes.

Our story begins like all great adventure stories, inside a video game museum. To be specific, in the Atari section of said museum. A strangely naked man is calling to ask about the Sword from the game, which is on display in the museum itself. He seems to be following some sort of linear path from the sword, which connects to someone by the name of Kunrad Juros, and how hard it is to track his past before 1979. A lot of very confusing information, being looked at by a naked dude, who seemed to have a problem with the situation. See? EXACTLY how all adventure stories begin.


Pete, Alvin, and Amy seem to be our main characters. Best friends as children, and obsessed with beating the game with the record time, they fawned over trying to win the three pieces of gear from the game. The Crown, The Chalice, and The Sword, but as Pete explains to a random onlooker no one ever won the sword. It was the one prize that was never won, and from what we gather in this issue Pete is not satisfied with his lack of Sword winning ability.

Pete wants to steal the sword, to have his one final hurrah, as he is not going to last long. The “power” of the sword is supposed to help him survive this life, and possibly extend his life as well. The crazy musings of a dying man of course, but nonetheless he wants to try it.

We do see a few flashbacks of their childhood, and the wedge that separated their group. An uncomfortable situation between Pete and Alvin broke up the band of merry men. It also explains the awkward encounter, as it turns out they haven’t spent any time together since they were kids. So essentially Pete is asking for favors from people who aren’t even “friends” with him anymore.


A long interesting journey into this comic, with amazing writing. I really appreciated the cheesy, overdone feel to this title, showcasing how those old games really were. That mixed with Ghostwriter X’s artwork, which really matches that same style, shows a different side to the story.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, adventure fans, and anyone who is a fan of the older style video game style comics. You will all be able to appreciate the nuance of an older style comic brought to a more modern style.

Let Remi and the guys know about putting this one into your file, so that we can ensure you get to reminisce about the days of old!

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