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Failsafe is one of the latest titles from publisher Vault Comics, bringing us the story of John Ravane. A man who is responsible for taking on a group of nanotech enhanced super soldiers. When our story begins writers F.J. Desanto and Todd Farmer have shown us a world in which John has already executed every super soldier that was created except for one, Oliver Hamill. Using the illustrative genius of Federico Dallocchio Vault manages to bring the entire piece to life in a way that rivals some of the greats. I gain a real Alias feel from the way this comic is laid out, so it captured my attention even more.

So John is a bounty hunter with a license to kill, destroying his targets by any means necessary. Good at his job, Ravane manages to find the final guy approaching the border of Mexico. Confronting Oliver is a whole other story. So I was expecting some sort of superhuman assassin of sorts, but I wasn’t expecting a man who seems to have had half of his body replaced by nanobots. He looks slightly like a rejected version of the Jason X suit, you know the one I mean. It was fairly obvious between the look and his speech about how he never wanted this that the government was testing on them without fully knowing what would come.


Flash forward to a world that was supposedly rid of the secret sleeper agents, and Ravane is now a retired man who has a life. Lovely wife, owns a bar, and still can’t help but worry when he sees the news. One of the governments new projects awoke on its own, killing quite a few innocent people. We find out that they created a completely new program, thinking they had worked out the kinks. Somehow, mind control isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Go figure…

The writing duo on this project does a really good job of fluidly explaining the state of the world, while introducing the few characters who matter. Inciting emotion when needed, but using our pure common sense of this style of genre to show us where they will be going along the way. There are a few cliche moments in an action/drama comic, but the overall premise is a fairly new idea. I appreciate the effort put into the little details of a comic, and this one tries to be as original as possible in that aspect.


The art work is honestly beautiful.It has a completel level of realism mixed in with the sci fi world it is based. If I had to compare it to anything, I would say a slightly more polished “A Scanner Darkly” (Movie) style art. I absolutely love the style in this one.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, Drama, or Science Fiction as well. Any of those genre fans should really enjoy this one, but I think most people would find some sort of joy in it.

Let Remi or one of the others know about adding this to your file. At the time of writing this there is 3 issues out already, and everyone build better than its predecessor.

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