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So, Image Comics is one of the biggest, baddest dogs in the market, and I’ve gotten an Email several times to review one of their newest titles Generation Gone. While I always planned to give it a go at some point, something about the comic just seemed off, so I kept putting it off.

I regret that. Immensely.

Written by the multi talented Alex Kot (Zero, and Wolf) and illustrated by the ever popular Andre Lima Araujo (Spidey, and Inhumans) we get an all star team working on what I would contend would be one of Image’s best titles in a long time.

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Our story follow Mr. Akio, a scientist/programmer in charge of several government projects to assist the military in becoming essentially robotic shells. The mechs it gives us a brief glimpse of look like something from a knock off Evangelion, but it lends to his actual plan, Project Utopia. His ability to break everything about a human down to a “code” just like with a computer, he seems to have found a way to hack this code, creating better versions of ourselves. Unlocking pieces of our brain and body that we weren’t even aware existed, essentially creating superhumans.

On the other side of the coin, we have Nick, Elena, and Baldwin. Three friends, who also happen to be among the worlds best hackers. Managing to get into Darpa several times seemingly undetected, but it turns out actually falling right into Mr. Akio’s trap of sorts, giving him the ability to track their every move to this point. He is keeping an eye on them, feeling that as the perfect examples of the next generation, he will be able to lead them in becoming the first pieces of Project Utopia. At the chagrin of the general in charge, who wants the program completely shut down, Mr. Akio tries to surge forward anyways.

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The writing in this initial issue is damn spot on. I absolutely love this story, from start to finish, and was extremely happy that I made the decision to finally try it. It was a thrill ride, with a ton of emotion, but hitting the marks that every writer strives for. An amazing build up, spot on delivery, and it made us feel differently about each character. Some you love, some you hate, and some you will love to hate!

Now the art style, wow. I don’t know how else to describe it, because it fits the tone of the material at every impasse. When it needs to be dark, it is. When it needs to give hope, it does. I can’t put it properly into words, so just take a look and you will understand.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, Science Fiction, and anyone who enjoys a good “hacker” style story. It uses a lot of pieces from recent culture around hacking, and thinking about the body as a computer, but does so in a refreshing way.

Let Remi and the boys know that this one NEEDS to be added to your file. Seriously, it is well worth the time and effort needed!

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