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Mage Hero Denied is the story of Kevin, a mage with immeasurable power who seems to have pissed off a whole lot of people. Image Comics a huge proponent of the mystical style comics, has managed to snag the multi talented Matt Wagner to write and illustrate the entire thing. Add that to the fact that his brain child is a bit of a thrill ride, showcases the real desperation of a man who just wants to be a father.

Kevin, along with his son Hugo, start our story on a simple walk in the woods. Looking at nature in all its glory, and spending time learning everything they can about the world around them, well until Kevin sees a few things that are not the usual. He picks up on the fact that a “Hob Squad” has found him, and are willing to take him on with or without his son there. As with any parent, that is the piece that sets off his powers again.

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Showcasing quite quickly why he seems to be one of the most feared wizards in the world (or worlds), his son happens to see what he can do. Little does he know, the cat will be out of the bag relatively soon. Inquiring minds and all that other stuff.

In this initial issues, we learn a lot about Kevin as he is now called, and how he has basically run away from everything he once was. Starting a life with his beautiful wife, son, and daughter, and staying on the run from the forces that would break them apart. Especially the aptly named Gacklethorns, who seem to be some sort of spawn of a demon. I am sure in future issues, we will learn a lot more of the forces working against him.

This is a good initial issue, not great. I only give that critique as I feel it left far too many questions without ever actually giving us enough to keep us hungry for more. It felt almost rushed for an initial issue, and while it did drop a couple bombs on us throughout, I just felt like it was a turkey dinner missing the gravy. It was filling, but there was something missing.

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That being said, I was a fan of the originality of some of the features in this comic. Using ATM’s as magical money makers, and ways to communicate with some sort of JARVIS style machine that can help answer some questions. I’ve never seen that in a comic, and it seems like a fairly obvious use now that I have.

RECOMMENDATION – Fans of the mythical, magical worlds, and monsters that go bump and bite in the night. Anyone who has a love for books like Dresden, but without all of the detective side of it. Just a straight up powerful mage who wants nothing to do with that side.

Let the boys know if this one looks good for you, we can make sure to add it to your file!

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