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Have you ever wondered what happened to the famed Amelia Earhart after her final flight? Historians have argued the possibilities for decades, with no new leads or information arising. Even to this day they’ve been trying to find the body around the area she went missing, but so far, nothing. So why would it surprise anyone that Image Comics would bring us one possibility. Written by Jay Faerber and illustrated by Sumeyye Kesgin we are brought to the land of Korvath, rich with magic and mystery, and where Amelia happens to have crash landed.

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So, why not a bit of the mystical to our beloved historical icon. I mean, if Abraham Lincoln can fight Vampires, I am sure Amelia Earhart can travel to a whole nother realm, right? Cort and Tavel, two men who seem to be sneak thieves or some sort of non law abiding citizens, happen upon Ms. Earhart stuck in a tree. Apparently they are escaped from someone by the name of Lord Kragen for whom they are rebelling against, explaining to Amelia that the tyrant runs the land as his own personal hunting grounds. Now I say land, but really it seems the world is a series of floating islands, which we are introduced to when Amelia grabs a steed (dragon looking creature) and flies off into the night alongside her new companions.

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This new land, these new rulers, and this new idea that she may never see her own home again aren’t even enough to break the spirit of Amelia, as she promises she will break into the lords prison to free who she thinks is her friend Fred. Honestly, the truth is a lot more confusing (in a good way) and introduces us to the possibility of so many things. So many different people, or historical locations may come up in this comic series, and I love the idea of it all.

The writing in this comic is not only poignant, but it showcases a talent of captivating the reader into a world where truth meets nuance. The imagination required to introduce a well known character of history past, into a world created through greed and control, is a brief look into the writer’s mindset. Adding the surprise ending, made me have to keep following along. I can not take the chance that I miss some big event just because I was nervous to see what/who was coming.

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The artwork itself is actually really refreshing too. It has hints of realism, but does so in more of a modern comic format. While the clean line work is easily readable, it also has a darker tone during the scenes containing our main villain and his cronies. It gives you the feeling of the tone in each scene.

RECOMMENDATION – Action, Adventure, or Mystery fans will love this one. Anyone who is familiar with the lore of Amelia Earhart or other potential pieces of the puzzle will enjoy it as well.

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