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Anytime a single artist pulls most/all of the weight on a project, I tend to get excited. I love to read a story that is written and illustrated by the same person, because I honestly do believe that no matter how strong of a partnership the two have, you’ll never get 100% of either person’s vision in the book. They both see similar things, but differences will always arise.

When I heard Ulises Farinas was writing/illustrating Motro, one of the newest releases from Oni Press, I immediately knew I was invested. This is one of the creative minds who brought us Judge Dredd, so how could I go wrong giving this one a chance? Adding in the co-writing ability of Erick Freitas and you’ve rounded out a team who seem to be creating a bit of an unforgiving world for our main character to grow up in.

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So, I really assumed this comic would be an absolute home-run, but I’d say it was more of a double. The story of Motro, the hero of many, but always a second behind. Motro is a young boy blessed with the strength of ten men, but living the life of a recluse as to avoid needing to deal with many of them. The local villagers don’t seem to pay him much mind, but he still goes into town for supplies, and to get food for his Motorcycle, Wheeliebeast (since all of the vehicles in this world are basically sentient creatures, this one seems to love spicy food even though it causes him to belch fire).

This book starts with Motro meeting some fairly terrible people, who are destroying the local village, and killing all of the innocent people. When Motro tries to interfere to help, things go from bad to worse. While defeating a few dozen of the invaders, he does get blown a few hundred feet by a tank (Tankerbeast, who seems to have a sexual relationship with one of the bad guy leaders).

This first encounter taught us a lot about Motro though. He is strong, fast, can take a tonne of damage, but is not invulnerable. He is injured by the tank, but it is only mildly. The story gets a lot farther down the rabbit hole from this point, really stretching the ability to fully understand what is going on all throughout the book.

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The art style is so dirty, it almost made me give up upon the initial opening of the book, but the crazy writing all throughout made me keep going. I wanted to see how absolutely insane this book was going to keep going, and it sure didn’t disappoint. It forced me to confront my wildest imagination, and tell it that we were going to see even more of a mind screw than I am used to.

RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, adventure stories, or anyone who just wants to read a mind screw type of story.

Let the boys know and we can order a copy for your file!

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