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So it seems Oni Press has a thing about putting projects together that utilize the abilities of a single creator, since this weeks preview of Night’s Dominion is also a one man show. Written and illustrated by the multi talented Ted Naifeh, we are given a glimpse into the world of adventure created around a group of individuals brought together for one job.

To start our story we meet Cleric, Magus, Thief, and Asp (some sort of Assassin style character) all coming to meet Bard. The old man trying to put together a group for the sole purpose of stealing untold riches from the Tower of Uhlume. A place where untold amounts of people go to drop off all their earthly possessions to make their final journey to embrace the King of Oblivion. So Bard sees this as the perfect way to guarantee that there is treasure, since the belongings never seem to leave the tower.

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We learn a little about the reasonings for each character to want to help. The Magus is saddled with his parlour tricks, causing a local man of importance to want his head (Tom Blacksheare), since he played the old “lead into gold” trick on him. The Cleric is in need of a lot of money to pay the same man back, since they took a loan out on the church. They needed to repair the roof, which still did not help bring new followers. He is working for his faith.

Asp and Thief seem to be the two wildcards, and the two who have the most in common. We really follow mainly Thief in this story, being the innocent one who starts off wanting nothing to do with this idea, but of course coming along for the journey.

This story is one of adventure, action, and very little combat ending in bloodshed when possible. The group is not your average blood thirsty one who wants to run and gun the whole world, so it is an amazing change from the usual story of this type. That being said, it is also one of the only stories that I found very fulfilling even though I didn’t know half of the characters names until halfway through. It was actually easier for me to call them by their monikers since I am an avid pen and paper RP’er anyways!

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This story has it all, seriously good writing, amazing artwork, and a story that you will never be able to put down. It is extremely captivating, grabbing me in right from the start, and forcing me to care more for these characters than I was expecting too. That being said I only have one small criticism, and that’s the fact that I wish Asp and Thief were slightly less similar. A lot of the time when they were fully outfitted, I couldn’t tell them apart during the darker scenes.

RECOMMENDATION – Action, adventure, or anyone who enjoys RPing will love this story.

Tell the boys at the shop to add this to your file, so they can make sure you get to keep up. This one is Volume 1, so it is more than 150 pages long. Well worth the read!

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