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Rick and Morty became a near overnight success. The show has been one of a short tenure that garnered more views than most other cartoonesque adult shows out there. Its mixture of crude humor, crass explanations, and certainly offensive material showcases our inane ability to laugh in the face of the current PC world. All while enjoying the slow descent into madness that Morty seems to be facing.

So when I found out Oni Press was releasing a Rick and Morty comic, I was all over this before it was even released. I was happily invested without even knowing the name or premise of the series. Written by the talented Tini Howard with the awesome illustrations of Marc Ellerby we are given the piece of comic genius that is Pocket like you stole it.


Our story starts off with Morty and Mer-Morty trapped in a cave, suffering in the darkness with no food, water, or access to cable television! They are afraid, which is nothing new for Morty, but of what we seem unsure. Trying to scavenge some basic necessities, Morty goes out into the jungle surrounding them and finds juice, cookies, and crackers hanging from a tree. Clearly not a trap… Well, turns out Morty and Mer-Morty are being hunted by none other than Rick, who has an entire collection of Morty’s in his secret base.

I would question this story line already, but come on. This is the show that has a character (who I love) named Mr. Poopybutthole. When we find out Rick is collecting Morty’s to do battle with the other Ricks like some sort of Pokemon journey, it just makes me smile. They have mashed so many pop culture references into one comic that my head felt like it would explode. They do so in such a way that you can not help but love every second of it.


Now I know that Rick and Morty is not for everyone, but in the end the select few who seem to enjoy it more than most will definitely love this comic. The art style is absolutely perfect, matching the show in terms of sheer over exaggeration, and perfection of the outlandish emotions the characters go through. They really capture the sheer life of the individual characters, and created an equally psychotic and badass Rick, so we know in the end things gonna get real fast!

The writing made me laugh quite a bit, and showed me just how deep they are willing to go with this plot. For an initial issue it did a lot to show me that I was not making a mistake with this one. I would be following through until the end.

RECOMMENDATION – Rick and Morty fans, comedy comics, outlandish comics, or anyone with a dark sense of humor will enjoy this series for sure.

Tell Remi or one of the guys at the store that you want to add this to your file. You do not want to miss out on this epic story of Mortyesque proportions!

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