Lately I’ve been feeling a strong pull from the IDW side of the coin, mainly because they’ve been hitting me with comics based on some of my childhood favorites. Be it shows, comics, or in this case a board game that I used to love to play with a group of friends. One of the very first introductions to a murder mystery theme came because of the game Clue, which IDW has decided to pair writer Paul Allor with illustrator Nelson Daniel to bring this game to life in a big way.

Using the standard characters of Miss Scarlett, Mr. Green, Col. Mustard, Prof. Plum, Mrs. Peacock, and Senator White (good upgrade), but also introducing the characters of Dr. Orchid, Detectives Ochre and Amarillo, and the butler Upton. They’ve taken a turn straight out of the game, making the reader try to decipher what is going on, who is responsible, and how they are getting away with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they have the butler speaking directly to the reader, breaking the fourth wall in a way that shows us how we will get our information.


It all starts with (SHOCKING) a murder for which there is one main suspect, who we are pretty sure didn’t do it otherwise this wouldn’t be based on the game Clue. You never blame the obvious suspect, and I am still planning on the fact that it was probably the butler. It’s almost always the butler in these things right?

So the detectives show up to investigate the murder, just as the river washes away the bridge, being the only escape route from the house. Conveniently terrifying right? As the butler points out so often in the comic, we are here to find out what caused the death of the main man of the house. His quick conversation with the editor of the comic (yep that happens too) gives him the realization that he may not be as in charge as he originally believed. With his master being shot well before he was thinking it would happen, his walls begin to break down as well.


The writing in this story, while being a little cliched, is also full of subtle surprises. While you can guess a few things that may happen, the overall premise is still the mystery it should be leaving a lot more questions than answers. The art work paired with it is what I love about the modernization of a classic. While some of the characters are exactly as you would expect, the few who have changed, definitely changed for the better.

RECOMMENDATION – Any fans of clue, murder mysteries, or just enjoy a good night time read that is quick, easy, and has a lot of minor twists and turns, you would definitely do well with this one.

Let the boys at the shop know if you want to try this one out. They can set it in your file, and always remember to let them know Fat Adam sent you over. We want to see what other upcoming comics you may want to see reviewed!

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