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Writers Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) and Courtney Alameda have teamed up with Boom! Studios and illustrator Hyeonjin Kim to bring us into the world of the Sisters of Sorrow. Focused on a group of women who are being cared for after their bouts of domestic abuse. Strong women who made the decision to leave a terrible situation for one reason or another, but who still have to fear that their exes may come back for revenge at any given moment. It is a brutally realistic view on what a lot of women live with almost everyday, and it saddens me to have to even think about.

On a side note though, Kurt Sutter has always had an awesome ability to write in strong, independant women who can fend for themselves and others along the way. I was very impressed with the characters in this comic, because they were never played off as the helpless victims. They are quick to jump in and help one another, and they are loyal to the cause itself. So when one of the women is attacked, the others leap to her defense. The steroid ridden jackass who breaks in gets his shots, actually killing the woman he claims to love, but takes a bullet of his own as payback.


This jumpstarts a plan to teach the women how to defend themselves in case it happens again. One of the main characters Dominique gets her brother Eli to help train them in multiple self defense techniques. They’ve got the heart, the ability, and he will give them the tools to make sure no man ever treats another woman the way they’ve had to feel. As it turns out each of them had to watch a child pass because of the man they assumed they loved. The men killed directly or indirectly their own children, all because of the anger they had buried inside.

They deserved to pay for what they did, but the world kept letting them get away with it. One a cop, and the others never spending a day in jail, finally gave these women the push they needed to get justice for themselves.


Kurt Sutter always has a way with violence, guns, and motorcycles, but he also has a passion for showcasing how much stronger the women in our lives are. How sometimes they make decisions based on what needs to happen, unlike men who usually choose what they want to happen. I am extremely happy to see a well written piece, with strong characters, that shows us true strength can be gained from who you surround yourself with, and not in the weapons you wield.

RECOMMENDATION – If you like Sons of Anarchy, Vigilante Justice, or action comics, then you will find a nice home in this one.

Let the boys at the store know if you want this one to start being added to your file. I would advise not missing a single issue of this one, as I think it will be an amazing thrill ride.

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