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From the world of Marvel Comics we’ve been given some of the greatest heroes of our time. Whether it may be Wolverine, Cyclops, Captain America, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, or any other number of hundreds of pop culture icons, none of them rise above one of the flagship groups in the company. The X-Men have always been there ready to face off against all sorts of heinous villains bent on the destruction or enslavement of humankind. Even coming to the aid of humanity in the times they turned their backs on Mutants. Hate filled with their fear of the power that was bestowed on the few, instead of the many.

With key members like Wolverine, Jean Grey (Phoenix), Cyclops, Gambit, and Rogue (to name a VERY few of the many members they’ve had over the years) the X-Men has almost always been the most formidable and reliable team in the Marvel universe. In that regard, there has also been countless rehashes, many diversions of the team, and many members who join, leave, or even betray the cause, so when I read that Astonishing X-Men was coming, I was originally planning on avoiding it. Reviewing something we see all the time seemed tedious, but I’m glad I did.


Written by Charles Soule with illustrations being done by the wonderful team they put together, I found Astonishing X-Men to be a breathe of fresh air to the franchise. They begin by showing Psylocke, Rogue, Angel, Bishop, Logan, Gambit, and Rogue. All in different places (except Rogue and Logan) and doing completely different things. When called by the psychic interference of Psylocke (who is going supernova for some reason) they all drop what they’re doing to come to her rescue. They prove that no matter the costs, you always help a friend in need, even when it is ripping apart an entire city, and penetrating even Rogues skin.

This issue is an amazingly beautiful showcase of the world Logan was sent too after Old Man Logan. After everything that happened to his X-Men, his family, and his journey of destroying the powers that help humanity down, he ended up in this reality. Beaten, broken, and damned near dead, his rejuvenation with the X-Men was a miraculous one. While not all of the X-Men feel the same way, he will prove to be an asset on the Astral Plane, for which they are travelling to prevent the destruction of humanity. Another day in the life of the X-Men we know and love.


RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who loves the X-Men, who loves the grumpy old man Logan, and who enjoys the theatrics involved in Gambit’s character. To be fair, Gambit is by far my favorite hero, so I may be a bit biased in this part of the review.

Let the guys know that you want to follow this one. It isn’t a question, as I know I will regret it if I don’t, so it is safe to assume you will too.

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