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This is the first comic I’ve reviewed from Albatross, and it mainly was decided because of the cover. A cover speaks volumes about a comic, showing potential readers why they may want to try something new. It was a relatively minimalistic cover, with the feel of a mixture between The Rocketeer and Dead Space. Galaktikon had mixed two of my favorites, so I had no choice but to try it out.

Written by the talented Brendon Small with the illustrative genius of Steve Mannion, Galaktikon is the story of Triton and his life as it completely falls apart. Once a hero of the galaxy, fighting on the side of good and righteous justice. Marrying one of the women he rescued, who fell in love with her hero, and now the universe is watching their brutal divorce. It is like a reality show gone terribly awry.


It seems even saving the life of your loved one on several occasions can not make up for you “accidentally” sending dick pics to an underage stripper who lives on another planet. One where the revolution cycle would mean she is the right age on your planet, but only seventeen on hers. The logistics of age in space would confound even the creators of our age system based marriages. Are you as confused as I was? GOOD!

Triton and his best friend T1 (a pilot droid who speaks only in math equations) are trying to survive the divorce and keep their home. With the way the marriage ended, no prenup, and no one coming to the aid of the now fallen war hero, he doesn’t stand much of a chance. While he believes his soon to be ex wife has absolutely no feeling left for him, we find out rather quickly that it is not a correct assumption. No one falls out of love that quickly, no matter the circumstances.

Triton decides to go on the lamb and escape the universe for a while, but in doing so he alienates everyone in a negative way. Either way, he will never be the man he once was. Age, alcohol, and scores of women did this to him, and no one can undo it. He will be battling his own demons, while facing an old enemy who seemingly will be escaping from prison to come after him. A beast of a creature by the name of Beastblade, who uses the blood of men and women to fund his sorcery.


RECOMMENDATION – Action fans, sci fi fans, or anyone who enjoys a good space age adventure. All in all it is one of the better books, with the dirtier artwork, that I’ve seen in awhile. I absolutely loved this story, and can not wait to see where they take this shit show.


Let the guys at the shop know if you want to add this title to your list. They’d be more than happy to help you out and make sure you don’t miss this weird ass journey!

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