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Have you ever questioned the world of superheroes? Not their ability to fly, read minds, or how they can constantly be in multiple places at once. Those questions are always answered by the same way. Magic, alien powers, or genetic mutation allows almost every hero one ability or another. Well, that or money. So what happens if you are a villain who has none of those things, and you need to seek medical help? Someone has to have the job of patching up the losers of these epic brawls. Not everyone has a healing factor.

Action Lab has put together an amazing team led by writers Jeff Dyer and Mark Mckeon and illustrator David Brame to bring us a look at the medical team who handles those no one else will, the villains.

Medisin is the story of a group of Medics who supply health care to super villains. Yes sir and ma’am, you’ve read that correctly. They spend their days saving villains so they can come back and keep fighting against our beloved heroes. To be fair though, everyone deserves free healthcare, but what do us Canadians know about that?


Led by the amazingly secretive Malady, the team has their secrets for sure. A mixture of sex addicted men and women, people with families, but all of them seem to have one thing in common. They’ve been driven to this team because of something a hero did at one point in their lives. Be it the death of a loved one, the incarceration of one of them, or just the all around sexual attraction to villainous women, they all have a reason to work together.

Aboard the Nightingale, a military grade hospital ship, they travel from battle to battle aiding any of the villains they can, preventing as many deaths as possible. In turn, their assistance does end up costing the heroes deeply. Several heroes end up dying because of the medical aid provided to the villains. So really, what they are doing is so much more than revenge, it is a complete breakdown of the typical stereotypes in comic books.

I’ve seen the route this comic seems to be taking, and honestly I am excited to see a different take on comics. Instead of following the actual heroes/villains, we get to follow those behind the true warriors. Those who make sure there are still people left to fight.


RECOMMENDATION – If you like superhero comics, you will like this one for sure. It is really an adventure story with a lot of drama mixed in, but the unique definition of each character keeps me interested in almost all of them. That is unusual for me in a comic with several “main” characters. I look forward to seeing each of them develop further.

Make sure to tell the guys if you want this comic added to your file. It is well worth the chance, and I know most would find it refreshing to try something a bit different.

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