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Dead of Winter was a smash hit success board game from Plaid Hat Games, so should it be such a surprise that like many other games it received its own comic spin off? Now I’m not used to seeing many comics that follow a board game, but having enjoyed the game itself I was excited to try and pick out the traitor, or see which route they take with it.

Oni Press managed to snag Eisner nominated writer Kyle Starks, and illustrated by the man known as GABO (Gabriel Bautista) so this powerhouse team was expected to do things before they even left the gate. I was excited to hopefully read a zombie story that finally broke off from the stereotypical zombie lore we have of late. The flooded zombie market has been a bit of an issue in all modern culture, but I was not expecting what came.


It seems as our story starts our main hero is a super hero dog by the name of Sparky. Well, by superhero I mean he wears a cape and helps to rescue people from the undead, so I personally feel that makes him pretty super. His owner Gabriel Diaz drives around collecting people for safety in numbers. Using Sparky to bring them a note asking them to follow the dog to safety. Pretty genius if you ask me, as it keeps them out of harm and allows an animal to use its instincts to plan what to do.

And of course they introduce us to a few characters before BAM showing us that the dog they are using is the in comic version of Lassie. His show was literally called Sparky the Super Dog. Well, there it is folks, the best part of this comic for sure.

They make it back to the base to introduce the new family to the others. Most of the classic characters from the game are there to greet them, with a few additions of course. They are arguing about supplies, ammunition, heat, and beds, which makes perfect sense for the game and the actual zombie outbreak. Everything will be a lot more valuable when the shit hits the fan. It comes down to management of assets, so they really keep the feeling of the game ingrained into the comic. It is refreshing to see someone properly using the lore and story the game made for them, and take it in a similar, yet slightly different way.


RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who enjoys the zombie genre, adventure comics, or comics that take things in a twisted route just to surprise people. Shock tactics tend to work in most comics, and this one has some weird added pieces, but overall was very similar to most comics in this genre. It almost felt at times like it was a parody of zombie comics instead of something new and original.

Let the boys at the shop know you want this one in your file. If you own the game, it will be a fun story to follow for sure.

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