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Image Comics usually has a good quality of comics, showcasing talents that amass popularity the industry has never seen. Most of their titles are passionate, action packed, but toss in that emotional punch in the middle. Giving us a reason to care for the characters.

Writer Matt Hawkins and illustrator Atilio Rojo are bringing us Samaritan : Veritas. This story follows closely the life of Samantha Copeland, a hacker extraordinaire who has vowed revenge on those who took the person she loved from her. She wants to kill the president of the United States for inflicting several terrorist attacks on his own country, using the fallout to blame others and take the presidency. She wants payback for her boyfriend being murdered in the investigation that was held, so she has basically declared a one man war on the entire government.


Well, a one woman war with a group of hired mercenaries who seem to be damn good at their jobs. They are all over the board in race, gender, and abilities, but the one thing they are truly impressed with is Samantha’s abilities as a tech geek. She is able to hack damn near anything, and has dirt on people who didn’t know it themselves. She is the epitome of the American revolution of the future, and it terrifies the FBI to no avail.

She does not want to strike out at the President directly, and instead decides to try and do so through those closest to him. His corrupt pastor, his corrupt defense minister, and anyone else who stands by him with a negative past in their wake. She has no time for the simple things like money, time, or passion, instead putting all of her time and effort into making sure the world knows who the president truly is.

This story is one that delves into the possibility of a corrupt government in which people will not stand by and watch things break down. It seems awfully convenient that this comic is gaining so much ground in our modern day world though. By convenient I clearly mean obvious. We live in an age where hacking is more than a reality, it is becoming an everyday piece of life for us. We see so many pop culture references to fake hacking, and the internet is now flooded with Anonymous videos constantly revealing information across the entire interwebs. We are in the digital age, and nothing seems to be standing in the way of the reality of this comic.


RECOMMENDATION – I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a flushed out comic with hints of modern day tactics. Almost everything in this comic would not only be possible, but probably happens more than you think right under our noses. I would almost compare it to Mr. Robot, but with more of an action stance to it rather than all about the hacker lifestyle.

Let the boys know if you want to try this one out. It is well worth the read, and is one I know I will be following.

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