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With the way things are going in the United States at the moment, life is looking so confusing that it isn’t surprising so many comics are using that turmoil to their advantage. No one truly wants to see the country crumble or people go into total anarchy, but everyone can understand that it isn’t as farfetched as it once was, so why not share your feelings of the current political spectrum?

Image Comics took the multitalented creator Howard Chaykin and gave him the go ahead for this creation of epic proportions. The Divided States of Hysteria brings us the story of a whole slew of government related officials, workers, and other people who are all in line for either being the new president, protecting the old one, or assassinating the entire cabinet. This comic jumps so much around the story, I am not one hundred percent sure which character is actually the main one. Maybe there isn’t one.


The overall theme of the comic is turmoil in the government. The recently elected president is believed to have been assassinated, along with most of the next in line people, bringing them quite far down the list of possible new presidents. It has created a fear unlike the United States has ever known, that people believed to be nearly untouchable were killed in such a public manner. Add that to the Anti-White duo who killed another nine people just for being rich and white, and the other potential terrorist attacks happening around the States at the same time, and you have a country on the brink of complete destruction.

The character who may just turn out to be the main one is Frank Villa, a Central Intelligence Agent who feels that this is all just the beginning. He feels that there is a terrorist attack coming in the next couple of days, and that they are targeting Washington itself, but no one is sure what is coming. No one believes him, even though he is using his knowledge, passion, and overall experience to plan against it.


Well, let me tell you that when the shit finally hits the fan, you will not expect what the cause or repercussions are. It is bigger than I expected, and not the way I would ever have guessed a terrorist strike to happen. It is unique, and honestly intelligent thinking by the writer to come up with something so sadistic. Honestly, it made me a bit nauseous to even think about, even now. Bravo for that.

RECOMMENDATION – If you enjoy governments breaking down, confusing comics about saving the world from terror, or just a good old fashioned action comic, then you may enjoy this one. It all depends on whether or not you can follow the initial piece of the comic. It is one of the more confusing openings I think I’ve ever read in any comic.

Let the boys know if you want this one added to your file, we can make sure it gets where it needs to be.

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