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Every reader here would know some of the stories told about the king of all kings Arthur Pendragon. Fueled by Merlin, wielder of Excalibur, and true ruler of the kingdom of Camelot. A man who became the king of a nation by being the only one who could pull the sword from the stone. All of these things he did during a time where man fought man for the likes of their Gods, churches, women, and anything else they could try and fight over. Everyone wanted to be the one true king.

Unholy Grail is not another story of King Arthur in all his glory, it is quite the opposite. It is the story of what happened to Arthur after death, when he comes back to the world of mortal men and becomes the nightmares of those he once led. Writer Cullen Bunn teams up with artist Mirko Colak to bring us the amazingly beautiful story of the dark side of his story. The side that history tends to avoid when talking about someone believed to be a hero.


With his son gone, and the kingdom falling to pieces, no one was sure what to do when Uther Pendragon finally succumbed to his sickness. Who would rule, what would happen to one of the greatest kingdoms in existence, and what was to happen to his people? Surely Merlin would have the answers if anyone did right? Oh yeah, that was before the “prophet” Merlin was taken over by an actual Demon, causing the vessel of Merlin to be destroyed.

Training Arthur to be the king he would once be, and teaching him to give fealty to the Lady of the Lake with each life he took, he never knew he was secretly feeding the Demons of Hell, giving them the power from the drained life force. With each kill, and each sword taken from an enemy, he was inadvertently powering the strongest of his adversaries.

So while the story does follow some similarities of the original King Arthur story, it does differ in a few ways, keeping it a bit newer and refreshing. It feels like a new take on an old character, but the truly amazing part of this story doesn’t actually start until issue two. Issue one is just a teaser of the background of King Arthur which I donèt really feel we needed. I was glad to see the little pieces being added to it, but was a bit frustrated with them using the outline of the story to write an entire issue where we already knew 75%.


RECOMMENDATION – Anyone who likes adventure stories, action stories, or stories based on history with a touch of the supernatural will love this comic series for sure. This is one that I know I will be following to see what they plan on doing with the characters.

Let any of the guys know if you want a copy of this title added to your lists. They can get them in there right away!

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