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TITLE : The Unsound

PUBLISHER : Boom! Studios

WRITER : Cullen Bunn



The cover came off fairly simplistic with an intricate hidden message. Before I opened the comic, I knew this would mess with my mind a little, but I was unsure about much of the story. It was clean artwork, and while being fairly busy, it was readable from afar.


The main character Ashli Granger is starting a new job at Saint Cascia, a psychiatric hospital. As the new resident nurse, she is introduced to a slew of new people, patients and other workers alike. One of her fellow co-workers Josh also gives her a warning to avoid the administration men at all costs. Also an ominous warning to avoid eye contact whenever possible.


They do a good job of building an entirely messed up world for her to reside in, even outside the confines of the hospital, but inside those walls is where our story becomes a true reality. It is tough to showcase how truly creepy this story is without spoiling it, so I advise you read it.


  • The writing was absolutely entertaining, and reminded me of an even creepier version of silent hill. It was very broad, but spoke to me once inside of the hospital.
  • The art fit the creepy style of the comic, adding a level of grit to the story that would not be there otherwise. Solid character design showcased the difference in each person as they slowly descend into madness.
  • The overall theme of the comic is original, and a very interesting read for sure.


  • For an initial issue, I don’t feel they really did a good job explaining anything about the premise of the book. It fell a little flat on the story side, because while it gave me a few tidbits for be to come back, it didn’t give me enough to know why.
  • I did feel that there were a few issues with jumping panels, and no explanation as to why/how they got that way. What I mean is that it seems to jump around to flashbacks, and flashforwards, but mixed together in a couple pages near the end. I understand it is meant to give you the feeling of going insane slowly. I just feel it could have been portrayed slightly differently.



Overall, I feel this book deserves a thumbs up for keeping my attention, and showcasing another side of characters without diluting the story. Diving into mental illness is not an easy thing to do, but they’ve done it in a more unique way.


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