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Title : Amerikarate

Writers : Corey Kalman and Brockton McKinney

Illustrator : Devin Roth

Cover : I’ve spent a lot of time checking out comics over the years, and as always it is the cover that either draws me in, or keeps me away. I admit, this art style is not the type of thing I tend to gravitate towards, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the kick ass, Chuck Norris style character on the front. I mean, come on, how could I miss out on this one.


Synopsis : Sam Kickwell and his trusty sidekick Rick (who lost all of his arms and legs in a horrible Karate accident) have decided to go back to the town that started it all. The town that hates Karate, but seems to also hate people who are known for it, but wanting to put it in the past.

The Mayor and his cronies are your classic jackasses who want everyone to follow their iron rule, but seem to take a hating to Sam because of his natural martial arts ability and his ravishing good looks.

More than that, Sam is an explosive, juvenile, Karate master who enjoys pushing things well past their limits just to see where the limits are. This comic has exploded with its over the top fun, fantasy, and completely random storyline. If Chuck Norris, Patrick Swayze, and Borat had a child, it would definitely be Sam Kickwell.

Writing : I was expecting this comic to be exactly what it turned out to be. Over the top, completely random, but very interesting to read. The plot itself was not super important, as you could stick this character into any one of a million stories, and he would be just as funny to follow.


While seemingly random though, the truth is that the writing duo did an amazing job to keep me interested throughout. While tossing in a lot of complete nonsense, they still made me want to see where the story would take me.

Art : The art style is nothing short of a crazy miracle. Most of the time I am not a fan of “comicy” comics, but this one wouldn’t do half as well with any other style on its pages. If it wasn’t for the illustrators ability to over sensationalize everything to do with the characters, I may not have enjoyed the comic as much as I did.

His art style is not perfect, hell it is far from pretty, but it does the job and tells the story. That’s really all I could ask for this title.

Thoughts : I loved it. Honestly, I was going in expecting to find it mediocre at best, but I absolutely think people would find this an interesting comic to follow. Make sure you at least give it a try.

Let the boys at the Comic Hunter know if you need to add a copy to your file. I promise it will be worth the purchase, if for no other reason than a good chuckle.

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