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UW 1

Title : Underwinter

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Ray Fawkes

Illustrator : Ray Fawkes
Thoughts on Cover
The sadistic style of this cover intrigued me to say the list. A mixture of the demonesque style, with a mixture of almost passionate forfeiture, brought me to an emotional cascade of dismay. I was fully aware going in that this would have an element of supernatural, and that the good guys would either lose, or have a hell of a journey to a victory.
Stephanie, Kendall, Eleanor, and Corben are approached about an offer to play music for some sort of upper echelon sex party. High paying, exclusive, and very little rules behind it, but it came with a few catches. Each of them would be given ten thousand dollars to play approximately three total hours of music, uninterrupted, from memory. Blindfolded, unable to change the music, and not to leave their position for any circumstance at all. Seems like some sort of creepy parlour game for the rich, but it turns out to be so much more than that.
What is seen, can never be unseen. As one of the members learns, this gig is more than anything they could have ever imagined. It starts a journey that will become a miriad of evil, magic, and the completely unknown. Will our characters survive it, or will they succumb to the temptation of those who stand in darkness?
What I Liked
  • The writing flowed well, and kept me intrigued with each of the four main characters. I appreciated how they interacted, especially with the two strong female leads.
  • The artwork was refreshing. It is a mixture of water color, and complete fantasy. I absolutely love it, even though in the beginning I was nervous I was going to get annoyed quickly. I absolutely did not.
  • For an initial issue it captivated me for the future. It left enough questions that I’d want to come back for more, but didn’t spend a whole lot of time diving into an “origins” of sorts. I appreciate the creativity without hand holding.
  • UW3
What I Didn’t Like
  • Honestly the only thing I can find to pick apart is that while the artwork is amazingly beautiful, it does leave everything to the imagination. What I mean is that you can never fully see what the artist was trying to create, and mostly have to finish the comic in your own mind instead.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Overall, I feel this comic definitely deserves a thumbs up. It is well written, imaginative, creepy, and keeps you reading. It hits all of the notes I want a comic to, while not being too overly ambitious. Also, while I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a comic I could compare it too, I seemed to fall deeper and deeper in love with this comic the second and third time I read it.
I will be following the series for sure, I am a fan.
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