THIS JUST IN! – Killbox Chicago – American Gothic Press


Title : Killbox Chicago

Publisher  : American Gothic Press

Writer : Tom Riordan

Illustrator : Marco Ferrari
Thoughts on Cover
Using some of the most well known pieces of Chicago, they give their title and actual visual with this one. They literally have given a small piece of Chicago, created a box out of it, and managed to make it feel overly Inceptionish. I will say the cover didn’t really excite me for this one, it just didn’t give me any emotion or understanding of the book itself.
It didn’t drag me in like most comic covers seem to do lately.
 We follow along a few main characters it seems. Irwin, the reigning champion of Killbox Los Angeles, and a self admitted sociopath who doesn’t even care about the money as much as finding out where the few who were disqualified from the competition are hiding. Then we have the main “good” guys, Sasha, Emi, and Timothy. Three street smart acquaintances thrown together because of fate and need. They are working together to uncover the actual truth behind these games.
Like how they are getting stuck playing them for potentially a second time. What lies in store in this game of deceit, death, and absolute brutality? You can really only find out by checking out this title. I will say it does get a lot more gruesome, and interesting, than I had originally anticipated. So strap in, and expect an almost Battle Royale style of comic.
What I Liked
  •  I’ve always enjoyed this style of comic genre, with the every man for him/herself style of mantra. Leaving each player to their own devices, and knowing that each of them will fight in a different way. It always makes for interesting deaths, kills, and overall interactions between contestants.
  • I appreciated the 75% black and white style. It felt darker than going full black and white, and leaving miniscule hints of color (mainly red) adds that small difference in feeling for the project.
  • I really enjoyed the team dynamic, especially since each group issue one introduced were all raging lunatics in different ways. Most of them are fighting for life and answers, but like all good comics a couple are fighting for blood.


What I Didn’t Like
  •  The only thing I really wasn’t big on was the jumping back and forth between two storylines. I know they needed to set up the dynamic of good vs. evil, but there didn’t need to be so much focus on the main “bad” guy, the winner from a previous season. Other than that, it was absolutely awesome.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
 A complete thumbs up style of comic. It fits right into my wheelhouse, and was enjoyable for the most part right from start to finish. I am excited to actually see who is going to end up winning the entire tournament.
For an initial issue, I am extremely excited about this.
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