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Title : Cosmic Scoundrels

Publisher  : IDW

Writer : Matt Chapman

Illustrator : Andy Suriano
Thoughts on Cover
If I had to say only one thing about the cover to this one, it would be radical. The feeling of the initial view is one of an old Heavy Metal feel of art. It showcases two of our lead characters in way over their heads, in the same broken art/color combination of those good old movies we’ve all loved at one time. An amazing tribute to the eighties style. An awesome way to capture the average reader’s attention.
Love Savage and Roshambo, or as their intergalactic spaceship knows them, Tad and Jacob, are the two members of a selective group known as the Cosmic Scoundrels. So selective, they are the only two members, which makes sense as they do not really seem to play well with others.
They are space pirates, in such a way that they allow contracts to be bought and sold on items others are looking for. While they are in it for the money, they do show some semblance of a respect for the job. They also work extremely well together, since Roshambo has all the brains in the party, and Love Savage seems to have the luck.
Using their unique talents and abilities, they travel the universe bringing “justice” to those who deserve it, by literally throwing up on them, playing roshambo with them, and conveniently being in the right place at all the right times.
What I Liked
  • This comic had me busting at the seams. It honestly was one of the stupidly funnier comics I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It also carved a path for this type of genre I’ve never really seen before. Not in this magnitude anyway.
  • The writing was easy to read, fun, imaginative, and all around joyful to follow. I appreciated that they never really tried to take themselves too seriously.
  • I enjoy the art style, mainly because it brings back the joy that got me into comics so long ago.
What I Didn’t Like
  • I do find the couple of tropes they used to be slightly overdone, but the overall theme is a bit more original. I expect they are driving a lot of this comic on people’s memories from the old days of comics.
  • I find the lettering, especially in the captions, to be written in a way that was not easy to read. I could get through it, and I’m sure you can too, but it took a moment to adjust, and just seemed needlessly over the top.


Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Overall I absolutely have to give a Thumbs Up. The comic was enjoyable, a lot more so than I ever expected going in, and I am now a fan. I can not wait to pick up the rest of the story so I can keep going.
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