THIS JUST IN! – Animosity : The Rise – Aftershock


Title : Animosity : The Rise

Publisher  : Aftershock

Writer : Marguerite Bennett

Illustrator : Juan Doe
Thoughts on Cover
The cover, while being fairly plain, said all it needed to for sure. A wolf, leading the sheep, to the destruction of those who have oppressed them since dawn began. Blood would be shed, lives would be taken, and no one would get off without feeling the wrath of those who were taking over.
Very simplistic, but extremely powerful in my personal opinion. Also easily recognizable.
The wake is the day that began it all, showcasing the real intention of the animals we had come to love. Those we took advantage of, treated as lesser beings, and put on showcase for everyone else to see. It was the day the animals realized they could fight back, uniting against a common enemy, humans.
Gaining the ability to speak and understand our language, paired with their sudden passion for revenge, it falls on Adam North and a few rogue animals to try and save humanity. Those who feel that they weren’t wronged, that humans do care more than they are able to show sometimes.
Chicago, New York, Paris, and almost every other city in the world has fallen, being overtaken by the new democratic rule of the animals themselves. Humans who were deemed worthy were given pardon and have an animal who is “vouching” for them, allowing them their lives and protection. In the end, it is the only thing preventing the dangerous ones from ripping all of humanity to pieces.
What I Liked
  • It is an interesting take on the end of the world, showcasing that while we did cause the end, it was in no way we would ever expect. It has such a fluid story that I can actually imagine the destiny it showcases.
  • It is an extremely intelligent piece of writing. The story is well thought out, and one of the more captivating pieces of writing I’ve read in a long time. I was absolutely blown away.
  • The artwork wasn’t perfect, but it was what it needed to be for this title. It had moments of amazing detail, and some where it shined away from the gore being inflicted in the story. I appreciated the nuanced creativity behind it.


What I Didn’t Like
  • While being an amazingly well written piece, I felt a bit confused with the initial issue in one major aspect. I couldn’t fully understand if the animals were all working together, or if it was some sort of multiple leaders working against humanity and against each other. I assume it will all be explained in later volumes.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Without a doubt a Thumbs Up, must own. I am stunned at the level of anonymity behind this piece. I hadn’t seen much of it around, or heard much either. After some digging, and a little luck, I honestly feel I would give this title my full support.
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