THIS JUST IN! – Iceman (2017) – Marvel Comics


Title : Iceman

Publisher  : Marvel Comics

Writer : Sina Grace

Illustrator : Alessandro Vitti
Thoughts on Cover
I mean, sometimes it is a bit unfair to comment on one of the big guys covers, but in this one I was so happy with the layout. Fairly simplistic, with so much being said in such a small area of the page. Showcasing some of the most formidable opponents the X-Men have ever faced.
Magneto, Mystique, and others, all within the blast of an Iceman special. Unique, fun, and everything I have come to expect from Marvel in recent years.
Obviously we are following one of my personal favorite X-Men characters, Iceman. Bobby Drake, being one of the original X-Men, is an arrogant, cocky, self proclaimed ladies man, with the talent for busting out corny jokes all throughout his fights. Known for his ability to control and create large projections of ice, his unique capabilities always make for an interesting turn of events in most fights. Whether it is creating walls, surfing across ice laden paths created by him, or shooting snowballs to piss someone off, he has a bag of tricks not easily rivaled by the rest of the team.
The story showcases Iceman’s ability to train, well himself. A younger version of himself anyways, who seems to be progressing quite nicely. In doing so, he is learning a lot about himself in the present tense, which seems confusing but I promise they do a much better job of explaining it.
We get an amazing look in this issue into the life of Bobby Drake, and also into the life of Iceman. While they may be the same person, they lead very different lives. One is charming, funny, and can kick an ass across the world, and the other is so unsure of himself and his personal life. He struggles just to do what we all take for granted, live each day.
What I Liked
  • Was really happy to read a story about one of my favorite heroes. I wanted to get out of this one exactly what came, the real passion for Iceman and his struggles. A more human side to his abilities.
  • As always the artwork was stellar. Amazing use of paneling, shading, and the lettering was absolutely on point.
  • I appreciated the slow build to Bobby’s whole world basically coming down around him. It showed that even an X-Man can suffer the same pains we do.


What I Didn’t Like
  • I found it a bit confusing for an initial issue, when it comes to future and past Bobby existing in the present. Yes I understand I would find it easier to follow had I read all the previous stories and arcs, but it makes it difficult for someone just trying to get started into X-Men.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Thumbs Up, overall good story, relatable character, and an amazing outlook on the things going on outside of an X-Man being an X-Man.
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