THIS JUST IN! – Scales and Scoundrels – Image Comics


Title : Scales and Scoundrels

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Sebastian Girner

Illustrator : Galaad
Thoughts on Cover
Easily the most majestic hair style I have ever seen grace the head of a Dragon. While it doesn’t do much in the way of revelation for the comic, it does make me assume there is something connecting the Dragon and the main character who is flipping his coin on there.
Simplistic, elegant, with just enough to draw me in.
My only issue with it is the title itself I find to be hard to read. Especially from afar, I would have no idea what the name actually was. Sometimes drawing it in a little bit can make it that much more memorable.
Luvander is a woman who spends her days accumulating as much wealth as one can in this world. Playing cards, gambling, stealing, and especially treasure hunting. Her passion is to one day retire with enough of a purse to set herself up for many lives, knowing she would bring pride to herself, and the one who haunts her dreams. Dark dreams, frightening dreams, especially for one still young to the world. Dreams of a Dragon, a fortune in gold, and an angry attack aimed towards her.
The journey she goes on is full of tough decisions, for which she seems to usually make the right one. Giving to the poor when able, sacrificing her own wants and needs for the betterment of those who are are in dire need of saving. Well, that and to cure her boredom in between accumulating more wealth.
It seems to be a classic adventure style comic, with a small mixture of drama, comedy, and action. A great mixture showcased in the pages of a title I am happy I took a chance on.
What I Liked
  • The character diversity was amazing. I felt like I really knew each character’s wants and needs, and what drove each of them to make the decisions they do. I was also impressed with the ability to create a completely greed driven story, and make it come off more original than usual.
  • The artwork is fine for the style it was going for, allowing an open forum of creativity. It wasn’t the best art I’ve ever seen, but it worked fine.


What I Didn’t Like
  • It comes off very similar to an average adventure style comic, with a couple of unique pieces, but the overall puzzle being fairly overdone in recent years.
  • I enjoyed the characters, the story was decent, the artwork was fine, but the overall feeling left me wanting so much more. It was a story that I felt didn’t really pull anything together to keep me interested.
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
Thumbs Down on this one. While I did mostly enjoy the initial issue, it didn’t really entice me to keep going. I wasn’t super impressed with the overall feel, so it created an almost boring sidetracked quest.
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