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TvsTL 1

Title : Trump Vs/ Time Lincoln

Publisher  : Antarctic Press

Writer : Alfred Perez

Illustrator : David Hutchison
Thoughts on Cover
What is there to say really? It did exactly what a cover should, and produced something that makes us laugh, think, and know we have to dive in and see how bad things really are. The creative team really decided to give us a Mad Max feel in the start, assumingly so telling us that the Trump administration is responsible for the downfall of human civilization.
Yep, I’m in!
TvsTL 2
“Taken out of time on the night of his assassination by the power of The Void, Abraham Lincoln finds himself waging war upon the forces of evil in the past, present, and future” is the introduction we get to this story. It lays it out simply for the reader so as not spend an entire issue explaining details, when what we really want to see the real devastation behind the pages.
Abraham Lincoln was brought to a world that is on the brink of extinction, but he was not dumped here without the tools necessary to save mankind. Utilizing a series of unique weapons, and an intelligence long ago forgotten to these scoundrels, he fights for the rights and freedoms of all.
Now they do explain a little bit about Lincoln working with the others on the time travel formula, and he briefly describes The Void, (and the author is kind enough to remind us it is all in detail through Time Lincoln Issues 1-5) to a child he has recently rescued from Trump’s cronies.
In doing so, he opens a world of possibilities and intrigue for the young one. It shows us his amazing ability to feed the imagination, while developing an interesting set of characters/plot to go along with it. While it is obviously meant to partially milk the Trump Administration’s current issues, it does so in a funnier way.
What I Liked
  • The comedy aspect of the book was good, and the art style really did make it feel like I was reading a Mad Max title. I was impressed to say the least.
  • The writing was a great introduction to the story, but more than that really entraps the reader into a world with no hope. A world run by a faux blonde headed president, who loves control from his golden tower.
  • A unique play on the current turmoil happening in the United States, showcasing how the entirety of the world is struggling with his control. Also it was quite well done with a good layout being used.

TvsTL 3

What I Didn’t Like
  • I feel the whole plot behind the release is really just a money grab to take the best shot at someone who is already being bombarded from every angle. It just starts to feel a bit overplayed, but thankfully this one is done with a decent story behind it.
  • I feel that since they decided to do a one-shot, it really felt amazingly rushed. It was not a story that could develop into something amazing, but instead felt a little flat.
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