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IL 1

Title : The Infinite Loop : Nothing But The Truth

Publisher  : IDW

Writers : Pierrick Colinet & Elsa Charretier

Illustrator : Danielle Di Nicuolo
Thoughts on Cover
Rebellion, restraint, and amazingly high rewards. We are introduced to an immediate feeling that somehow the world is falling apart in rapid pieces. A man, and who we assume is his daughter, are ripping posters of a woman from the wall, breaking several laws, but showing us that this world is not what it seems.
My only complaint about the cover is that the second half of the title “Nothing But The Truth” was amazingly hard to read, and blended in partially with the background. I was slightly dismayed at the placement and color chosen.
IL 2
Having not read anything previous to this arc in this series, I went in completely blind to the overall theme and plot of this comic, but I am glad I did.
Teddy Anderson is a time travelling agent, responsible for keeping the anomalies in check throughout time, as when a person gets displaced, it can cause a rippling effect throughout history. People from the future may try and change the past, which would result in something catastrophic. Teddy however, is a professional.
That’s why she decides to take an easy job without taking the back-up that was recommended. That’s why she decides to show up in the wrong place the first time, being attacked by the government. In the end, that’s why she is being hunted for her illegal time travelling choices, such as sending those government agents back into the past with their time travelling care, mixing in the cavemen style of violence.
In the end, no one is responsible for the fate of humanity’s history other than Teddy Anderson.
IL 3
What I Liked
  • The story was so well developed, it really captured my interest from the start. It tossed enough at us for us to know how to get into the pages, but did not overwhelm us who did not read the original stories. Well developed characters too, with a strong female lead.
  • The artstyle is awesome, dynamic and well laid out. The artist and writers had an amazing capability of feeding off the same ideas, and if they didn’t they’re work speaks otherwise.
  • The introduction of our villain and his gang of professional junkies is quite fun, and by fun I mean creepy to see where we may actually end up one day.
  • Having humans be addicted to lies, in such a literal way, was a unique way to showcase Humanity’s very real inability to survive on their own. Everyone needs something, and in this world it happens to be lies to ease their minds.
What I Didn’t Like
  • A lot of time travel comics recently. While this one is on the higher end of the spectrum, I feel people are overplaying common themes.
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