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Title : Redneck

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Donny Cates

Illustrator : Dee Cunniffe
Thoughts on Cover
A nice detailed cover showing an amazingly basic scene that hides a much deeper meaning. Redneck’s cover is simply a man eating ribs, as any other meat eater would, but the implications are fairly secure.  The pointed edge’s of his clearly vampiric teeth are easy to miss upon first glance, but it makes the comic all that much more interesting to see the small pieces of the puzzle fitting together.
This cover also tells me one more big key, and that is that this comic will be violent, gory, and full of scenes that may make your skin crawl. That’s all part of the proper way to showcase your work. I was impressed, and glad to see a cover that took it to the level it has. Simplistic yet sophisticated.
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Bartlett is the stodgy old timer in the clan of vampires that have been around for hundreds of years. Sired the same month that Texas declared its independence from Mexico, he has been through almost all of the change’s of modern society. Multiple wars, independence, and while not always fighting on the right side, he’s done what was needed to survive.
His family on the other hand, are mostly newer generation vampires. Mostly under sixty (which in Vampire years makes them children) they still have the need for human contact, true blood, and act like spoiled teenagers, which in the end will cause nothing but trouble for the rest of their family.
So when they decide that they are going to visit town, and specifically go to a strip club, it is completely understandable that it terrifies their Uncle a bit. After a brief discussion with their father, he makes the decision to check on them. Him following them into town, after his mind reading prophetic Niece tells him not to, is where our story truly begins!
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What I Liked
  • The writing was done in such a way that made this Vampire story so much more. It felt more like a family drama with Vampiric styling, but allowed the viscousness and gore of a real Vampire stay apparent in the story. This is DEFINITELY not your fluffy Vampire story.
  • While the clan of Vampires is strong, their family values towards one another is much stronger. It is awesome to see such a close dynamic in a comic of family values (kind of).
  • The art style is amazing. I have no qualms at all with it, actually wishing I could read more action/horror comics done this well. I would be 100% on board with seeing another style of story from Cunniffe.
What I Didn’t Like
  •  Fairly generic interaction between what seems to be the main villain and our main protagonist. Also a completely one sided shock at the end, that really comes from nowhere. I just wish their twists and turns were better explained.
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