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HF 1

Title : Hi-Fi Fight Club

Publisher  : BOOM! Box

Writer : Carly Usdin

Illustrator : Nina Vakueva
Thoughts on Cover
The cover is well laid out, eye catching, and completely able to show us the differing personalities of what seems to be our four main characters. It is the first available way to showcase our powerful heroines, and is doing so in a clean and tasteful way.
I am able to gain a bit of knowledge about the comradery contained within, but mainly about the fun loving nature of this comic, at least that is what I am expecting based on this cover.
Let’s dive in and see if I was right!
HF 2
New Jersey in the late 90’s is the introduction point of our story. Back when CD Discman were all the rage, and clothing had to be brighter than the person wearing them. Mulan, Dr. Dolittle, and Small Soldiers were on the big screen, and a nation was less divided than they are now. Hell, several nations were.
What the world was not aware of though, was the creation of a friendship that would outlast the fame any of their movies/books had ever given. Maggie, Dolores, Kennedy, and our main narrator Chris work together at Vinyl Mayhem, a record store of epic proportions. In a world that is diving into the biggest and best of new technology, they fight to try and keep the real sound alive.
Well, at least that’s the story we are fed to begin, showing the real passion behind their constant love for everything musical, but that passion is really hiding another love. One much darker on the outside, but equally as fulfilling on the inside.
Chris, being the newest employee, has yet to work her way into being a part of the actual team behind the team, but standing up to some shmuck who tried to diss a strong female artist, the others finally were able to find what it was they needed from her. The strength behind the curtain of fear.
HF 3
What I Liked
  • Strong characters, great story, and honestly I was most impressed with the light reading throughout. It felt like something I am unused to, and I enjoyed each and every panel of this comic.
  • The art style is awesome, using strong 90’s visuals with an absolutely perfect comic style of art. I was amazingly impressed with the continuity of the characters, and the artists ability to really capture a manga style presence within the pages of a more modern style comic.
What I Didn’t Like
  • I love the underlying plot, but was a bit confused. I don’t want to reveal too much about it, but I still can not comprehend how four girls and their adult boss try to become some sort of vigilante saviours. Overall the comic was awesome, just this one little piece for me that threw me off.
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