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Cen 1

Title : Centipede

Publisher  : Dynamite

Writer : Max Bemis

Illustrator : Eoin Marron
Thoughts on Cover
Centipede has several variant covers, all playing on the overall theme of the game. A slightly different look to each, but the feeling of them remains the same. Whether you prefer the throwback cover made to look like an Atari video game cover, or the more realistic, creepy, and all around detailed version of the end of the world due to a massive centipede, you’re going to enjoy the overall feeling of this one.
I am impressed since this is one of the only comics I’ve read in awhile that actually captivated me with each variant cover.
Cen 2
Based on the age old game of Centipede, one of the first console games in existence, Dynamite continues to surprise fans by creating comics based on our childhood classics. In this tale, Dale Trell believes he is the only remaining human since the and of the world began. When the Centipede landed, it caused mass destruction, carrying with it indigo spotted spiders, large enough to rival a large breed of dog, and neon mushrooms which seem to stem from their birth.
Dale has created a bit of an imaginary friend to try and scrape together the final pieces of his sanity, in hopes of surviving the impending doom awaiting him outside of his door. Struggling with school his whole life, he was raised in believing that his overactive imagination would one day work to his benefit.
Working each day on finding a way to bring down what he quotes as being one of the dumbest monsters in existence, but in doing so has to face off against a thousand different obstacles. Each one comes off more deadly than the last, but in the end all that matters is your ability to survive the things being thrown your way.
What I Liked
  • The artwork felt like it fit the piece for the time period it was basing itself on. I love when a childhood game/story takes the right approach not losing any of its original feel, and giving us the ability to see the story behind the curtain.
  • The writing was fun, a bit twisted, but all around a great fit. I was impressed with the title character, and the simple nuance given to the additional characters from the Centipede works. I was mostly impressed with this initial issue.
Cen 3
What I Didn’t Like
  • I do find a lot of these comics are happening lately showing far too many rehashes of old and dead pieces of our childhood. It feels like a major money grab, and especially for this one it really wasn’t needed. Centipede is one of the main games from that period that I don’t think anyone needed a story behind.
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