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T&W 1

Title : Time & Vine

Publisher  : IDW

Writer : Thom Zahler

Illustrator : Thom Zahler
Thoughts on Cover
 The cover for this title is a fairly simplistic one, showcasing nothing about the actual title. It is simply a few hands holding wine glasses towards the sky, but the levels of the glasses is the real hint.
Being a title about time travel, and the ability to travel to the year in which a certain bottle of wine was created is a good idea in theory, but I just wish there was a little more attraction to the cover.
This is one of the only covers I’ve seen so far in my time reviewing that I feel didn’t work color wise, layout wise, and it was almost too simplistic.
T&W 2
 Jack Cadell, owner and proprietor of Aeternum Winery in Jeffersonville, New York, is the kind of man who treats those around him with respect, dignity, and has secrets that would boggle even the greatest of minds.
The story starts by introducing us to his love of fine wine, but also showing us he is actually buying an older bottle of his own wine from a local collector. Not much of an explanation is given, other than the fact that Jack is mysteriously picking up bottles of wine on multiple occasions without giving any hint of reasoning to even his friends.
As a man who enjoys the finest things in life, he takes the time out of his busy schedule to try and help cheer up a local history teacher who happens to be visiting his winery. In doing so, he reveals the fact that his winery has a secret. If you drink a wine bottled at his winery, in a specific room, you will travel back to the year in which this bottle of wine was produced. It gives you the ability to relive some of history’s greatest moments, while being able to return when you’re ready.
It’s given Jack something to look forward too in a world that feels lonely at times. We learn a lot about his past in this initial issue, including the real reason he continues travelling to the same few locations and times. He gets to view glimpses of those he has lost, without the fear of losing himself.
What I Liked
  •  The story is fun, mostly light, but historically significant. What I mean is that they accurately talk about the situations happening during those years, and they accurately depict the outfits during this time frame as well.
  • I enjoyed the overall theme of the comic, and loved how they came up with an original way to tell a time travel comic. Great decision to release something unique, and fun.

T&W 3

What I Didn’t Like
  •  I do feel the artwork was a little too over the top, albeit a bit sloppy. I like the feel of light hearted good vibes, but am not a fan of the oversized bodies, or dramatically overdone people.
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