THIS JUST IN! – Ragman – DC Comics

RM 1

Title : Ragman

Publisher  : DC Comics

Writer : Ray Fawkes

Illustrator : Inaki Miranda
Thoughts on Cover
Guillem March is the man behind a hundred covers, penning most of DC’s biggest titles so far in his star spangled career. I am usually a fan of bright colors, and captivating art work to drive the need to read a title, but in this situation I was glad March decided to take a more subtle approach to the cover of Ragman.
His grey wash scaling, mixed with the darker imagery we’ve become accustomed too, has really made this cover pop. While giving off a very venom style feeling, I never took my eyes away from all the small details contained on the page. Mix that with the fact it is mainly all just grey shading, and you have something that I can say is more original than others I’ve seen.
RM 2
Our story is focused around Rory Regan, an army veteran who left after a mission went horribly sideways, Rory is the only known survivor to make it back to the United States. Once he returned to Gotham, the dreams, flashbacks, and constant self doubt keep him from truly being able to insert himself back into society.
He is constantly hearing voices, cutting into the very core of his being, but believing it is nothing but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mixed with his survivor’s guilt, that cause the voices to manifest. Little does he know the voices are not in his head, well at least not his own. When his team tried to rob the tomb of a long dead royal, they opened the sarcophagus unleashing an unknown entity back onto the mortal fold. Something that was meant to stay hidden, as it had the power to fight back.
This story dives into the origin or Rory Regan, the one who took the mantle Ragman. With his group beside him, they fight the monsters that sneak out of the dark, trying to save Gotham from the coming wave of pure evil.
Will they succeed? The best way to find out it to put this one in your file!
What I Liked
  • I’ve always been a fan of Ragman, and actually liked his character in Arrow. I’m exceptionally glad how far they are taking this story, with an extremely bleak outlook into Rory’s life, while touching on a few things most comics stray from.
  • The artwork was on point, with amazingly done coloring, and very well paneled. The story works well with this team at the wheel, and I am excited to see what comes next. No matter where they go, it is sure to be a dark, action packed ride.

RM 3

What I Didn’t Like
  • My only concern is the pacing of this initial issue. While I am glad they had the small origin, key villains appearance, and a few flashbacks throughout, I do feel the layout of the story seemed too scattered. They did not have enough time to get through the important parts, and either should have focused on the back story, or just jumped into the actual story. Either would have worked fine.
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