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FT 1

Title : The Family Trade

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Justin Jordan and Nikki Ryan

Illustrator : Morgan Beem
Thoughts on Cover
I enjoy the very rorschach style drawing of the cover, outlining our main character in darkness and blood. While showing us the subtleties of her profession or chosen path, yet giving us the knowledge that she seems to put herself before the town in which she resides.
I would have guessed she would be a villain based on the cover itself, but as with a lot of things, there may be pieces to that puzzle that reveal she is not at all trying to cause pain, but does through actions she could not control.
Either way, I think Morgan Beem did an amazing cover, and really drew my eye to the watercolor feel of it. I was hooked just because of that.
FT 2
Jessa Wynn was born to a land that didn’t evolve through history as we did. Sheltered from the rest of the world, her island nation has stayed the course of a more medieval style of life. A hidden family of spies, thieves, and assassins make sure their world keeps going, while maintaining their distance from outside influences.
They were mostly at peace, until Jessa Wynn messed up, sparking the Civil War that seemed to be waiting in the shadows.
Jessa Wynn is a member of a long line of people who gets things done in different ways. Using their skills to steal, assassinate, or con their way into power situations, she seems to be taking a completely different approach. Our story starts on a mission for which she is supposed to assassinate a member of some royal line, but hesitates when the time to complete the job comes to fruition.
Her hesitation means life for the target, but also means that they are prepared for such a situation in the future. Worse than everything else, is she doesn’t regret not completing the task ordered of her. This is not a good trait for an assassin.
We get plenty of background to the creation of the community, meet some interesting characters along the way, and in the end are amazed at the way this island has managed to survive without collapsing into itself along the way.
What I Liked
  • The artwork, writing, and overall feel of the comic were fun. I enjoyed the style of an almost watercolor feel, mixed with an equal amount of fantasy and reality. I find this is a bit tricky to accomplish, so I praise it being done well.
  • The overall theme is interesting too, and will keep me along to try this comic series out.
FT 3
What I Didn’t Like
  • Only small issue is that I find most of the characters have an exact face. What I mean by this is they all look alike, and unless they all turn out to be clones, it won’t make much sense.
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