THIS JUST IN! – Sonitus – Alterna Comics

Title : Sonitus

Publisher  :  Alterna Comics

Writers :  Cody Sousa and Dan Sheppard

Illustrator :  Cecillia Lo Valvo
Thoughts on Cover
I am a fan of water stained looking art, as I am sure I have said a dozen times by now, but this one really blew me away. While there is no discernable “line work” or “finesse” that certain comic fans would be looking for, the fact that it is minimalistic, while being dark and eye catching, makes this a resounding success for me personally.
Allowing the shadows to play on one another creating shapes out of the seemingly empty space, really shows an amazing use of spacing mixed with an imagination that works outside of the box well.
A lone man has travelled back to the place he used to hang out as a child. Travelling to a run down cabin surrounded by a dense thicket of rampant growth and murky swamp land, he goes on a journey of self discovery. Reminiscing about the days past, and explaining a few key details to the reader, our “hero” has to face some of his real life demons. The real question is, will he be strong enough to face them head on, or will they swallow him whole.
Since a child, our main character has always suffered with an unusual ringing in his ears, almost drawing him into the location he is now able to visit, but doctors wrote it off as tinnitus, so he never received any sort of support or assistance.
In the end, it leave an extremely interesting turn of events, with a hundred more questions for which we will need to wait on the answers. Honestly to me I feel this is the best way for a comic to go. Enough to wet the whistle, but not enough to lose interest in the journey itself.
What I Liked
  • The artwork was clean while being overdramatically amazing. I really enjoyed the line work, the broken lighting mixed with very strong shading. Overall I absolutely found the comic strong in the artwork portion.
  • I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the concept and layout of the comic. I am not a fan of horror comics, and tend to avoid them as I find most stories are too cheesy. I am absolutely delighted this one came into my inbox for review.
  • The writing was well done, and really made me personally feel for the character. It put me in a place that would eventually have me on the edge of my seat wondering what was to come!
What I Didn’t Like
  • Only one real issue for me, and that is not knowing the character name. Now this may have been done as a plot device, or some way to mask the true identity of our main “protagonist”, leaving some massive reveal for the future. I guess only time will tell.
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