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Title : Powerpuff Girls : Bureau of Bad

Publisher  : IDW

Writers : Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman

Illustrator/Colorist : Philip Murphy and Leonardo Ito
Thoughts on Cover
The Powerpuff Girls are best known as the sugar and spice, with everything nice crew, put together as a singular group of genetically created super heroes, which seems creepy as all hell, but kids seem to love it. I was pleasantly surprised on seeing such a cartoony copy of the front. It illustrated the same love, feel, and overall pleasant creation we are used to seeing on the show, and have come to love in the comics as well.
It also seems to showcase that the Powerpuff Girls will be facing not a singular enemy, but instead will be facing off against a slew of their biggest baddies, who seem to be wanting an end to our beloved heroes!
Our story begins with the Doom Room! A secret hideout where almost everyone of the villains in this universe are gathering to plan on the complete destruction of the Powerpuff Girls. Considering you have a meeting of the minds consisting of all of the egotistical, maniacal, super villainy people in their world, things never go smoothly. This is expected, but also leads to our ever loving shenanigans.
The first debate that comes to is the debate of who will lead this villain collage, which goes about as well as one would expect. Everyone wants to be the leader, but no one truly knows how to decide the fair way of choosing. Which gives us the flashback of Princess Morbucks “almost” defeating the Powerpuff Girls, being her claim as to why she should be the leader.
After her exchange, our first issue comes to an end, which leads me to believe this entire comic run will be one long stint of choosing the leader of our gang of villains. Not necessarily a bad thing, as we still get a flash of the Powerpuff Girls, mixed in with some of the more known villains, with a splash of the lesser known ones too. It is a good way to keep the franchise relevant.
What I Liked
  •  It did keep the feel of the Powerpuff girls, both artistically and story wise. I was quite happy with the focus not just being on the three heroes, but actually shifting to the villains. I’ve always found them to have really interesting villains in this series compared to other cartoons in the same genre.
  • The writing felt accurate, polished, and I was happy to keep going, actually rereading the issue before formulating my review.
What I Didn’t Like
  •  I am hoping it will evolve into a bit more than just a one shot per issue comic, all revolving in the same room with the same villains. While it was refreshing to see for an initial issue, it would be kind of boring if it was like that for a run of 10, 20, or more comics.
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