THIS JUST IN! – The Wilds – Black Mask

Title : The Wilds

Publisher  : Black Mask

Writer : Vita Ayala

Illustrator : Emily Pearson
Thoughts on Cover
Revealed to me in this preview story were two beautifully done covers, each with their own pros and cons. Cover A is rather spectacular in its subtle simplicity, showcasing us the graphic design of the comic, while also giving us a small snippet of “The Wild” piece contained within. The naturistic aspect of daisies growing from the pores of the characters skin leaves us wondering why. What would cause such an anomaly, and what are we in store for inside these pages.
Cover B to me, says so much more. It shows strength, power, rebellion, and beauty on a singular cover. I see the battle between worlds, with an amazingly detailed pallet of colors, showcased with a small, almost watercolor, design.
Both covers do what they should, revealing little tidbits, without giving us the whole story. Both of them are eye catching, and in this case, I would actually be looking to own each cover.
Our story begins with an extremely brief explanation of The Reckoning, and what led to the downfall of humanity. Still seemingly unknown as to what caused the infection, our “heroes” are just doing what they can to survive the world that followed.
Daisy, the senior runner of the compound, is a strong willed, extremely loyal fighter. Even though their law only states a “runner” (Someone who runs for supplies to keep the compound going) must fulfill a certain contract, then retire, she refuses to give it up.
Determination, stupidity, bravado? Who really knows the mind of someone who seems to have lost it all being saved from her own inevitable death, she feels like she owes them everything.
We quickly learn that the “abominations” are some sort of zombie like creature, but when shot/killed, they actually sprout plants/flowers from the wound, almost making them one with nature again. An extremely artistic and unique take on an end of the world scenario, and one that plays out beautifully on the pages of this book.
Overall, this is a comic of survival, hope, and the true nature of the human mind.
WARNING TO PARENTS – There is some mild nudity, language, and violence.
What I Liked
  •  The beautiful color scheme used in this comic made me feel like it was an amazing fit. I loved the artistic style mixed with an end of the world style theme, as it was a far stretch from the dismal tone of most apocalyptic books.
  • The writing was well done, and flowed from character to character, giving us just enough to feel like we knew what was going on, but not enough to actually be able to guess.
What I Didn’t Like
  • My only complaint was I felt that the start of the story came off a bit wooden with the characters. I understand they were probably trying to build up some sort of emotional storyline with Daisy and those who care for her, but I just wasn’t feeling like she truly cared for any of them.
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