THIS JUST IN! – Ice Cream Man – Image Comics

Title : Ice Cream Man

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : W. Maxwell Prince

Illustrator : Martin Morazzo
Thoughts on Cover
While being mostly simplistic, I did get slightly intrigued in the design of every character having the same facial structure, especially in the mouth. A central image of the ice cream cone, with so many adoring faces staring on in amusing wonder, which captures the look of any child when we used to hear that song playing through the streets!
If I had to try and guess any sort of story plot from this cover, I can honestly say unless it is a standard story about an ice cream man, I can only assume some sort of drug/chemical in the actual ice cream.
We begin with Ice Cream man Rick delivering goodies to a group of children, most of which seem to be in an extremely happy mood. All but one child who says he is a big enough boy to come on his own for the ice cream, not needing his parents to interfere.
This redheaded “angel” is a closet sociopath who instantly becomes something of a terrifying creep, with a pet Brazilian Wandering Spider (which they so explain has the deadliest toxin in the world of spiders, noted in the world spider catalogue) who seems to really enjoy killing parents. Yeah, this kid isn’t fazed in the slightest…
The book then jumps to a pair of detectives with what can only be described as a crazy cat lady in their office, showing them a picture of the apparent werewolf that ate her cat. Briggs and Hwan ( who goes by 5V as her name is too hard to pronounce) are trying their best to gather information, without their clear emotions towards her being in a wrong state of mind showing to the client. She did not make it easy.
The rest of this story is a giant ball of confusion, everything from police chases, actual werewolves, naked magical ice cream men, the fat kid with a spider outrunning full grown adults, and an ending that actually made me want to keep going.
It may have been a bit much to throw at us in issue 1, but hot damn if it didn’t hook me.
What I Liked
  • I did like the overall creepy feel of this one, and I believe it evolved from a standard monster type of comic into something with a deeper idea behind it. The writing was very well done, and captivated me enough to keep going.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The art was fairly quick and dirty, which worked for some of the comic, but did feel a bit basic for the overall theme. They may just have been going for a very old monster theme style, but I think it fell a little flat.
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