THIS JUST IN! – The Musketeers – Zenoscope

Title : The Musketeers

Publisher  : Zenoscope

Writer : Terry Kavanagh

Illustrator : Daniel Maine
This is a five part mini series, so keep an eye out for all five issues if you want to follow the story from start to finish. It also takes place within the Grimm universe, so you will see characters jumping in and out that are easily recognizable.
Thoughts on Cover
This cover does what I need for this type of “superhero” comic, showcasing the main team, with only relevant backdrop of their city. It gives us the first look at the characters, before everything gets more muddled with action shots, and story throughout. While I want to see all of that inside the pages, for my first thought of whether or not to buy a comic, I want to see exactly what type of dynamic I am in for.
The artwork on the cover is clean, crisp, and extremely strong for the type of comic we get inside. I am absolutely happy with the layout and design of this one.
The three of our “heroes” were recently given their powers by the book of fables, which granted them the ability to fight back against all manner of creatures that we have become used to seeing in the Grimm universe. For those unfamiliar, picture basically every creature from Grimm’s fairy tales, but more powerful and usually uglier.
Winter Sudam, Diego Garcia, and Carmen Alexander were given an amazing mixture of powers that compliment one another, creating a team that fights on the side of the good guys, but uses all manner of questionable tactics not readily accepted by that same side. They push the limits, and are not willing to see someone tell them they are taking things too far, as they honestly believe there is no “too far” when it comes to fighting the evils they may face.
Created and trained by the infamous Morgan Fay, and Merlin himself, they are given more power in a short period of time, than any other humans in the history of this world. We are given a brief look at their fates though, and it is a damning thing, full of anger, betrayal, and in the end, loss.
Exactly what I was expecting from a team thrown together in the heat of impending war.
What I Liked
  • The artwork is clean, very well done, and overall has an extremely professional feel to it, which adds a lot of validity to the illustrators work. I am impressed he managed to make them not only feel like superheroes, but still relate to the everyday person.
What I Didn’t Like
  • The writing is fun, well detailed, and does immerse you quite a bit. I was entertained, but did find at some points there was a bit too much description, and not enough plot movement. For an arc only lasting 5 issues, you’d want to fit a lot of movement in the first two.
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