THIS JUST IN! – Isola – Image Comics

Title : Isola

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Brenden Fletcher

Illustrator : Karl Kerschl
Thoughts on Cover
So the cover I was provided is currently still not finalized, along with the entirety of the comic, but I can tell you I wish it was. The image of the emotion shown on the main characters face, mixed with the simplistic color pattern and the easy to read body language give me a fairly full picture of the character herself. It makes me feel good knowing I am going in knowing a little about the character.
My only hangup on the cover they’ve produced at this point, is I find the title of the comic itself to be muddled, and not easy to read at first glance. A wise man once told me first glances can be everything in the industry, and sometimes we only get one.
Our story revolves around the characters of Captain Rook, a proud woman who served under the great Queen Olwyn, but had to flee her home when an evil enchantment transformed her queen into the majestic beast now accompanying her. A tiger who wears a purplish hue, with flaming blue stripes, and still understands who she was before.
Rook is trying to get the Queen to Isola, as she believes this is the best way to bring her back, giving her the chance to take control again, and lead her people. The issue is the world is filled with Hunter Clans, who hunt for food, pelts, and the worst ones, fun. Rook knows the Queen wouldn’t last a day taking the traditional path, so while making detours as best as they can, she still tries to help the queen avoid her animal instincts.
Throw in a kookie old man, and you get one hell of a ride for sure. I am excited to see what sort of drama he brings to the mix.
What I Liked
  • The art style is completely clean, readable, and honestly I really loved the style of art mixed with this style of book. I was impressed right from page one, and stayed impressed all throughout.
  • The writing is unique, and while sometimes it can be a bit hard to follow, I believe this is intentional to make sure the reader is actually paying attention. I wouldn’t recommend reading this one if you just skim some of the reading, only focusing on action.
What I Didn’t Like
  • While overall I did enjoy the comic as a whole, I did feel that some of the initial issue left TOO much to the guess of the reader. For those who aren’t familiar with the characters, we aren’t even given their names until the 3/4 mark of the book, and while I know it is good to have a building story, I feel somethings are foundational. This is more of a personal preference in all things comics.
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