THIS JUST IN! – The Highest House – IDW

Title : The Highest House

Publisher  : IDW

Writer : Mike Carey

Illustrator : Peter Gross
Thoughts on Cover
While the visual of the cover comes off simplistic in its execution, I think the design aspect is absolutely extraordinary. I was impressed with how easily this one caught my eye, and had me engaged in knowing more. I love the use of color mirrored with outlining most items in a darker version of their same color, with very little black outlining. I actually think it helped the scene to pop out a lot more.
My only issue on this one, is the same as my last review. I feel the title should be the most important piece, and I feel it is almost hidden behind the sea of design, not sticking out at all, and almost ineligible as the majority of it is in the center, which is layered with another completely different image.
Overall a decent cover, with more strengths than shortcomings.
Our story revolves around a small child by the name of Moth, who is quickly sold off by her family to cover some of the costs involved in raising the mothers other four children. Born to parents who couldn’t care less, in a world destined to keep him from ever reaching his true potential, his journey truly begins with the sale to Magister Extat, who sees something in him that no one else ever has.
We learn throughout the story that magic has essentially been killed off, for fear of its power to manipulate life. The fear of man destroyed something powerful, due to its inability to understand the reasoning for the power.
Of course as with most stories, we find out our “main character” is one of the few left in the world with power in his veins, and we haven’t even scratched the surface of this comic in the initial issue. Chosen, gathered, and given a chance to live a life of hard work, dedication, and forced labour, Moth just tries to make the best of an awful situation.
Only the Goddess will know what will be coming next, but if the Magister has anything to say about it, I think Moth is going to lead a very interesting life. Either way, you don’t want to miss the rest of this story.
What I Liked
  • The story is an original style, and something that I have come to really enjoy. While we have seen the “Arthurian” style of story with our rags to riches hero, this time it seems more realistic.
What I Didn’t Like
  • It may just be because I’ve been reading so many of the big name artists in the industry, but I do find this art work a little more dirty than what I’ve come to enjoy. It comes across very unfinished, with it seeming to cover up its mistakes through changing the style throughout.
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