THIS JUST IN! – The Dead Hand – Image Comics

Title : The Dead Hand

Publisher  : Image Comics

Writer : Kyle Higgins

Illustrator : Stephen Mooney
Thoughts on Cover
This cover gives me a lot of strong feelings, mostly for the good. It is very reminiscent of an old James Bond style theme, with the intrigue, mystery, guns, beautiful women, and constant action throughout, but the twist of almost seeming to be very strong in its lack of emotion actually being shown.
You can easily read this cover, and it is easy to tell what style of book you will be getting by picking it up, which is something I strongly appreciate, so it does make a difference to the ideas I had opening up the first page.
Solid start to the book, and well thought out design.
Carter Carlson is the type of man who gets sent into places no one else wants to go, or even can manage to go. He is secretive, able, and one of the U.S. Government’s best kept secrets. So when he enters what is known to be a russian “decommissioned” weapons factory, only to find that they are seemingly manufacturing vacuum cleaners, it is not surprising he is able to get a clearer answer within moments. Especially when men have nothing left to lose, and want the protection that the U.S. can seemingly give.
The comic shows the reasons for Carter joining the military, some of the information leading up to him joining the specialized black ops unit, and delves into the psyche of the man who will stop at almost nothing to get the job done, but still showcases a small amount of compassion for those who deserve it.
Their missions are harder than anyone else will face, and they do things most men wouldn’t be able to come back from. The kind of things that will get a man killed if he decided to question a single order, which makes it convenient that Carter doesn’t ever seem to question them. He just gets shit done.
So when others around him defect, it doesn’t faze him. When others around him spout nonsensical bullshit, he is unmoved. When he is ordered to kill a man he has lived beside for years, who has trekked through the mud and the blood with him, he has no qualms about getting that done too.
I would almost say he is more machine than man.
And then we meet the new Carter, and our story gets a whole lot more interesting.
What I Liked
  • I’ve always been a fan of spy style comics, but I do feel this one brings a new feel to it. While you get your dark and mysterious hero, you also get a man who is willing to go to much further lengths, and doesn’t sit around asking the villain to lay out all of his plans in layman’s terms.
  • The art style is very well done, and laid out damn near perfectly. Very consistent in design, and while the costume may be a bit over the top for a spy book, I appreciated that they didn’t do the generic man in a tux story.
What I Didn’t Like
  • Can’t say a damn thing.
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