THIS JUST IN! – Silver – Dark Planet

Title : Silver

Publisher  : Dark Planet

Writer : Stephan Franck

Illustrator : Stephan Frank
Thoughts on Cover
The volume 1 cover is fairly simple, with little color to outline the black and white feel. Choosing to add a mere splash of color can be a powerful sentiment, especially when the only color is one of blood.
The dark atmosphere of the front gives us the feeling that we are going into a dark, dreadful, and probably violent world from which the main heroine will be responsible for dragging us through.
Also, using the black and white cover with the bright red title of the comic, it allows the title to stand out among everything else that would be put on the shelf around it.
Our story begins with an auction, which is selling off the late Jonathan Harker’s prized collection of artifacts which seem to be part of something called the “Silver” collection (shocker there). A few detectives arrive to let the auctioneers know that a known cat burglar is on the loose, and intends on being on site for this particular auction, planning on stealing something of value. He goes by the name of Finnigan, and is a master manipulator, scam artist, and above all else, someone who can plan his way into and out of any situation. Especially one completely surrounded by FBI agents.
Finnigan shows us his thought process, and how he works through the situations in his mind by relying on the things that he has dealt with in the past. I also learned rather quickly that while he does have a normal fear level, he never lets it stop his momentum.
We quickly begin to learn about Finnigan being the main character of this story, and his antics being the set-up for the main event. What that will be will be up to you to read and find out. I can tell you from reading Volume 1, that I am actually excited to see where this story is headed, knowing that we are getting a dark spy style comic, with a lot of plot, action, and above all else, amazing character development.
Add all of that on top of some supernatural stylings, and to me you get a comic that is packing a lot of punches all at once.
What I Liked
The art style and writing really reminded me of an older style themed spy book. Think a little Dick Tracey, only more violent, and a lot more gory. Honestly I was impressed with how original it felt being compared to an older genre of work.
I appreciate a good black and white comic, and am glad that Stephan did not do the Frank Millaresque style with adding small color all throughout. I feel you should either go full color or full black and white, and the commitment it shows is astounding.
What I Didn’t Like
While 3/4’s of the story was original and super interesting, I did find some of it a bit predictable and cliche. Now I understand with how many comics I read on the norm, that I am bound to find similarities to other styles and comics, but a few REALLY corny bits just screamed out as too much for the average reader.
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